What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over

The loss of a cat, whether through illness or an accident, is a difficult situation to deal with for the whole family. Losing a cat will mean that the family griefs in much the same way as they would if a friend or relative had died. As such, it is no trivial matter when a cat is run over and killed. Family members must be careful of what they say to children whose cat has been run over.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: Fluffy Must Have Just Wondered Off

Children are very perceptive and inquisitive, which means they will soon notice if their furry friend is not waiting for them in their usual spot by the front door to greet them when they come home from school. Parents must be very careful about what they say to their child. One thing they must avoid at all costs is lying to their child by implying that the cat has wondered off. Building false hopes will not shield a child from the dreadful reality of the cat’s death. It will only prolong the inevitable and cause a child to lose confidence in their parents once they discover that they have been lied to. As tempting as it may seem to tell a so-called white lie, you must resist this inclination. Lying is not the answer.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: He Didn’t Die Straightaway

If you witnessed the accident and you have the details of how your child’s cat died, that does not mean to say you should disclose all the gory details about how the cat lingered on for two hours in pain. While most children will want to know what happened, that does not give parents free rein to give out all the details. Very young children could end up having nightmares if they are told the full extent of the accident. Instead, just state the bare facts without elaborating too much.

It is difficult for children to understand the gravity of the accident at that age but still you can’t go without saying it so say it in such a way that doesn’t reveal the exact situation and the cat will be alright, which you can learn more about if you see here and go through online articles.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: We Can Always Get Another Cat

Some parents genuinely believe that offering to obtain another cat for their child will make them feel better about the death of their cat. But it is unlikely that any child would want another cat so soon after the death of their previous cat.

Parents should make sure that they are sensitive to their child’s feelings after the death of their cat and to not lie to them or cause them to feel any additional pain through thoughtless words or actions.