Weight Control 101: Pick a Perfect Portion

Weight Control. It is on everyone’s mind. Trying to lose weight, maintain your weight after a successful diet or even being concerned over a friend or family member that is battling the bulge takes a bit of planning to see success.

It is no secret the key to weight control remains portion control!

What exactly is a perfect portion?

It doesn’t take any effort to ‘grab something to eat’ and go…hence the popularity of our drive through windows and the fast food chains that man them. But, even a ‘grab and go’ meal is likely to be more food than a recommended serving size. For the selection of perfect portion of the supplement, there should be a check over the  resurge review. It will offer correct and accurate information regarding the eating habits of the person. The size of the meal should be compatible for the body and health of the person. The charges of the meal should be under the budget of the interested person. 

Start by taking a look at that bottle of pop you are holding. 120 calories per serving…well, not bad but wait – look a bit closer. Number of servings per bottle 3 ???

Suddenly you are holding 360 empty calories in your hand unless you can seriously drink only 1/3 of the bottle!

Many snack food companies are aware that there is a trend to pay attention to portion sizes and are packaging their favorite snack foods in handy 100 calorie size packs.

Some make sense, such as Kellogg’s Special K cereal Bars which I grab for a quick breakfast on the run along with a container of milk.

But many others are still just ’empty’ calories offered in attractive smaller portions. A good alternative if you ‘have to have a snack’ but there are better things out there also already a perfect portion.

Fruit: one piece of fruit such as apple, banana, orange, peach ….grab it and go!

Eggs- again – 1 hard boiled egg tossed in a lunch bag makes a filling protein snack.

Cheese sticks -low fat mozzarella are a good choice for protein and calcium.

Portion control can also be done easily in your own kitchen with the help of an inexpensive food scale. A portion of meat = 3-4 oz. Take that steak or other pack of meat and weigh it then divide into portion, wrap in individual freezer wrap, place all into a larger bag and label. You can now thaw only what you need for a serving per person.

Some recipes are just meant for large batches and actually get better with reheating. Things like soups, stews and chili can all be placed in 1 cup containers and frozen for future use!

Baking a whole turkey, chicken or roast is a smart idea as long as you keep portion control in mind! Serve what is needed per meal by immediately cutting and packaging leftovers in individual portion controlled packs and freeze! On those nights when you don’t feel like cooking, a quick pop into the microwave and you have a quick hot meal in no time at all!

Weight control is much easier to maintain when correct portion control is a matter of habit. Like any other habit, it takes effort, attention and commitment. But that’s what it took to lose any excess weight in the first place right?

Once upon a time servings were ‘normal’. Now most ‘normal size’ servings can easily feed 2-4 or more people! There are countless calorie counters out here easily available that can give you recommended serving sizes for any foods or beverages. A small pocket sized version is easy to carry with you and you can easily find websites offering the information for free. A quick search for ‘calorie counters’ online will give you plenty of options.

Portion Control means taking control of the food and how much of it you consume at each opportunity. Over time you will be able to ‘eye-ball’ the correct amount. Until then use a food scale, calorie guide or even the grab and go packs now becoming so widely available.