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The 5 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders to buy in 2020

 Woodlink Absolute II

Added: One of the annoying things that birds owner hate about squirrels is that they keep on chewing almost everything near them. Whether it is vinyl, wood, plastic and even metal, it seems that they really enjoy chewing all of them. This is the reason why it is very important to consider the durability and quality of materials when looking for the . Woodlink Absolute 2 is certainly one of the best options for you. This birdfeeder is all-steel construction made so squirrels will not be able to scratch or chew the surface of the birdfeeder.

Perky Pet 399 Squirrel Be Gone II

Another reliable bird feeder in the market is the Perky Pt 399 Squirrel Be Gone II. This bird feeder prevents squirrels and other unpleasant birds from getting their beaks and paws on the birdseed inside. Another good thing about this birdfeeder is that it gives you the option to adjust the tension depending on the kind of animals that you don’t want to get access in the feeder. With this birdfeeder, you no longer have to worry even for the peakiest squirrel.

RoamWild Squirrel Proof Wild 

Next on our list is the Roamwild birdfeeder. This one has a unique design (heart shaped) that will certainly catch your attention. It is also considered as a good addition to your backyard. And because of its attractive design, it is certain that a lot of birds will come into your backyard. But this birdfeeder is only not intended for attraction but also for protection. One of the good things about this birdfeeder is that when large animals land of the perch of the birdfeeder, the perch hatch will move automatically downward so the pests and other undesirable birds cant get to the birdseed

Brome Squirrel Solution200

Another reliable birdfeeder is the brome squirrel solution 200. This one has the ability to cater more birds. It is also one of the durable brands in the market because of its sturdy construction. Hence, you no longer have to worry about the danger of the birdfeeder falling down from the combined weight of the birds. And just like any other birdfeeders in our list, Brome Squirrel solution 200 also prevents squirrels and other animals to get into the birdseed. But what makes this brand unique is its automatic mechanical design.

Droll Yankees Yankee

Last but definitely not the least is the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper. This is considered by many as the best squirrel proof bird feeder because of its unique and amazing features. First of all, it has a perch ring that supports the weight of any animals so you wont have to worry about the quality and durability. Secondly, it has a long feeder tube so any weight of squirrels will not be able to make it to the bird seed. Lastly, it has a snug metal cap that any adult squirrel wont be able to lift.