Red Dead Redemption Review: Grand Theft Auto For The Wild West

When you think of Grand Theft Auto you think of the contemporary and wild world of underground drug use and lots of sex. Rockstar, the designer of the raunchy franchise has come out with a Wild West version of its popular Theft series with Red Dead Redemption. The story follows John Marston, a former outlaw turned sheriff who brings his own brand of justice to the desert of the borderlands between the U.S. and Mexico.


All good stories can teach a lesson without being preachy. The characters and voices in the game are three dimensional even though the M for Mature rating may be purely for shock value. But the point is that real life is hardly nice and neat. Certainly keep the kids away from this title.

There are tons of things to do which adds to the realism much like a Theft title. If you want to look like a “real” sheriff you can find an outfit for your character. And of course there are the gunslinger episodes as any good Wild West lawman would know how to handle.

This game looks like a first person shooter perspective but it’s so much more even if the themes are very adult in nature. This game is so life like you have a “reality meter” instead of a life meter. How people react to you will be based upon how honorable or shady you want to be. If you want to steal some cattle or be with women of ill repute you are free to do so. But in doing so may bring additional consequences later in the game.

The voices for the characters are great and I’m glad that they’ve added that touch to them. I like video games with voices and not just text. Other details are beautiful even if the morality and realness of the game is over the top. You can see the muscles of the horse pumping when it gallops. Another good thing about this game is that you can use gta 5 mod menu xbox one. This allows you to modify the characters in the game, get more weapons, and others. If you are tired of playing the game with the same features all over again, you can try to use some different cheats os the game will be more fun.


As in bad for children like most Rockstar titles which is fine. Those who like games like Grand Theft Auto will still buy Red Dead Redemption and have a good time. There’s a reason that Theft titles sell a lot and this new game will likely do the same for better or worse.

The third person perspective gets old for me after a while. Yes, the game may be fun but I always like something different. The cutaway scenes help and the game is worth every penny. I’m just trying not to think of this as Grand Theft Auto for the Wild West. Perhaps a little more target practice would help?