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Perfect Pet Tips For Adding a New Dog to Your Family

Adding a dog to your family is a big step. If you don’t currently own a dog, it will change your life. Most of the changes will be for the better; studies have shown that dogs can enrich your life. A dog will make you feel needed and loved, unconditionally. They bring love and laughter into a home. A dog can also get you out of the house and get some exercise. They can open up new interests and hobbies and bring new friends into your life.

A dog is also a big responsibility. They depend on you for food, shelter, physical and mental stimulation, medical care and love for the rest of your life. It is your responsibility to train your dog so it is a good canine citizen in your family and community.

Make sure you have the time and finances required to take on such responsibility. Also, make sure it is a good time in your life to add a dog. If you have a new baby or are having marital problems it may not be a good time. Or if you are busy with a new job, you may be too distracted to give a new addition the atttention they require.

First, you need to decide on a breed, or at least a type of dog. You must take into account your lifestyle and family when making this decision. A good place to start is the American Kennel Club (AKC) website. They have a description for every breed that they register. You will be able to find out a breed’s adult size, how much maintanance the require, and their typical energy level.

If possible, you should visit a few breeders of the breeds you are interested in. Attending dog shows is also a good way to see many different breeds; and you should be able to see good representatives of what the breed should look like. Most people are happy to talk about their dogs. But you should avoid asking questions right before and right after they are in the ring showing the dog.

Many times a local shelter or rescue group is an excellent place to find a new pet. Usually the dogs are already housebroken and are past most of the distuctive puppy habits. They may already have some training and are already neutered or spayed. You can often find purebred dogs in shelters. If there is a mixed breed, the shelter employees are usually very good at determining the main breed or breeds that make up the dog. There is also a lot of satisfaction from helping a dog from a bad situation to move into a loving and safe home environment. At online search engines, there will be availability of various posts for the reading through the person. For the preparation of the pet home, great post to read will deliver effective results for the person. The instructions provided at the post can be followed to get the desired results for the pets. 

Whatever you choose, purebred or mutt; puppy or adult, you will be in for many adventures and laughs.

Please make sure you have your dog spayed or neutered. They do not miss sex or the experience of parenthood.

Dog breeding is a huge undertaking and it is rarely profitable, if done right. And there are many breeders out there who do not do it right.

A good breeder makes sure any animals they breed are as free of any hereditary problems as possible. Some problems don’t show up until later in life, after a dog has already been bred. There are more and more tests available to screen for these problems.

You want to make sure your breeder has done any reasonable testing for diseases common or possible in that particular breed of dog.

Make sure you ask alot of questions, see proof that the hips have been x-rayed if the breeder says this has been done.

Make sure to choose a breeder that has a commitment to this puppy for the rest of its life, and you are on your way to a good relationship.