Keys to the Successful Training of a Dog

Why train a dog?

Trained dogs are more easy to handle and therefore most less hassle for the owner, un-trained dogs can also be extremely dangerous for example they could a chat attack the child or just become plain unruly and become a pain in the owner’s neck.

Keys to the successful training

The first key to training a difficult dog is having positive thoughts and being extremely persistent. A large number of people that I’ve dealt with believed that the untrained dog would never be housebroken this instills a negative in the and everyone around them, the dog can also feel that the master is not in control, dogs are pack creatures they need to be shown that you are the leader and not them.

To get down to the basics there are two types of reinforcement in dog training these are positive and negative reinforcement these are both used to train your dog.

Positive reinforcement can be petting the dog or giving the dog treats, the dog must be rewarded straight after he or she has done something positive that is in accordance with the master’s wishes.

Negative reinforcement is the use of harsh behavior towards a dog for example being angry or showing that it’s an action that the dog has done is incorrect.

Sanctioning the dog to a particular part of the garden or allows a dog to be conditioned into thinking that it’s that particular area is the only place where it can do its business, sanctioning the dog to a particular area of the kitchen or house allows dogs to be conditioned into thinking that it’s most of its activity is contained in that room and that it cannot go beyond those rooms.

Leashes can be used to maintain a sense all of control and power over the dog by making the dog he’ll dog will automatically be conditioned into being by your side in every situation a leash is a powerful tool as it allows you to mold your dog’s behavior, allowing you to keep your dog in line constantly.

Your dog needs to be under constant supervision until its completely housetrained this easy you can mold its actions from a standpoint and establish rules that the dog will remember for its entire life as the saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Allowing your dog to be trained by others leads to alienation of your dog when you do this you relinquish your right as an owner, whoever the dog is trained by it will respect. It will show more compassion towards that trainer who has been firm with it and given it some boundaries.