High Point Coffee Unveils Unique Frappuccino Line

The java wars just got headed this week as upstart coffee bar, High Point Coffee unveiled its new line of frappuccinos. Known for their unique approach to all things coffee, including bean selection and dessert combinations, High Point has put Starbucks on notice with the new blended frozen beverage selections its customers now have to choose from in their stores.

Anytime a new company is looking to take on another the size and scale of Starbucks, putting better products on the market is an essential. High Point Coffee has never failed to do that. With coffee blends that have a higher quality than Starbucks and an assortment of offerings that Starbucks does not, High Point is creating a massive brand and loyalty factor in the areas where its locations are positioned. With their release of the new line of frappuccinos which are inspired by an assortment of entities, High Point raises the bar for coffee bar goers as well as those looking for another reason to stop in and get their java fix. The style of coffee delivery singapore store will be unique and different. The reason to stop at the store should be communicated to the person. All the pros and cons of the subscription will be available with the person. The benefits will be enormous for the person to drink the coffee and the nuts. The delivery will be free at the doorstep of the person. 

Since High Point Coffee launched, Starbucks stores have felt the pinch. Besting the coffee juggernaut in customer service and experience, High Point has been able to encroach on Starbucks’ sizeable market share in cities like Memphis as well as in the new areas it has recently opened stores. Now with their commitment to innovative approaches to frappuccinos, High Point’s executive team and local store baristas raise the level and quality of the frozen beverage space.

With their Elvis-inspired Hound Dog Sensation frappuccino, High Point presents to customers an exciting blend that the King of Rock and Roll would find compelling. Rich and vibrant, the frappuccino merges peanut butter and banana together in frapp form. If you know anything about Elvis Presley, you know his favorite thing to eat was a peanut butter and banana sandwich. He certainly would be proud of the High Point combination.

With the Strawberry and Cream frappuccino, High Point brings together a rich cream sauce with fresh strawberries in a fruity sensation. Without any drama often associated with fruity frappuccinos that are too sweet or sugary, High Point is able to pull off the impossible with its approach to fruit-focused frappuccinos.

When ET treated Drew Barrymore and himself to Reese’s Pieces in the early 80s, I doubt the candy company ever envisioned some being able to replicate the taste of the peanut butter candy in frappuccino form. But that is exactly what High Point has been able to do with their Just Like Reese’s frappuccino. Not overwhelmingly sweet, but sugary enough to the palette, the Just Like Reese’s offering will be sweet relief to coffee drinkers and frappuccino lovers who want a satisfying, enjoyable frozen coffee drink.

The Banana Cream Pie frappuccino takes consumers back to the afternoon snack so many had when they were kids. Especially in the south, the banana cream pie was a snack sandwich similar to the oatmeal pie. With two bread sides with banana flavor and a cream center, the banana cream pie was the envy of kids and grownups alike. High Point Coffee’s Banana Cream Pie frappuccino is no less inviting. Marrying banana cream sauce, slices of banana, as well as a frozen coffee mix, the Banana Cream Pie has a wonderfully understated, but fruity taste.

Each of the frappuccinos as High Point Coffee is available in the standard 12, 16, and 20 ounce varieties. When High Point executives tested samples of the new frappuccinos in one of their Memphis stores, consumers were overwhelmingly excited about the new items on the High Point Coffee menu.

In High Point Coffee, coffee bar enthusiasts receive coffee blends that are rich and soothing. With their early success, executives are pushing to move the company forward with expansion through franchising. With their new approach to frappuccinos the sky certainly is the limit for this non-Starbucky coffee bar. If you are anywhere near Union Avenue in downtown or midtown Memphis, stop in to their store at 1680 Union Avenue and ask for Diana. She’ll treat you like you are the most important person on the planet. That’s the High Point way.