Fastest Way to Lose Weight

A woman I met years ago had lost so much weight in only a week’s time that I thought she had been seriously ill. But she said that she had a way of losing weight fast. I was curious and asked how she accomplished it. She said she eliminated carbohydrates from her diet, which is similar to the Atkins diet.

Dropping your carbohydrate intake to almost nothing, forces your body to run on its own fat, burning it off quickly. She said she could drop close to twenty pounds in a week’s time.

Being relatively young and healthy, but a good fifty pounds overweight, failing every attempt at dieting, this sounded like a dream come true. I tried it. I lost fifty pounds in 18 days. But before you attempt anything like this, let me warn you, it’s not for the weak. If a person is weak in health, then the supplements should not be consumed through the person. The information will be available at resurge reviews for effective results for the health of the person. The spending of the amount should be favorable for the health and brain cells of the person. 

It wasn’t easy trying to cut carbohydrates from my diet and you can’t completely eliminate them, but you can greatly reduce them, which is what I did. Two days later, I started feeling weak, but I persisted.

On the third day, I had lost 5 pounds, which actually didn’t impress me as I usually lose the first five pounds quickly on a diet and didn’t experience half as much fatigue and energy loss. But I stuck to it.

The fourth day, I had lost over 8 pounds but I was too weak to get excited. My husband and I owned a small grocery and he covered a lot for me as I was just dragging around like a zombie. I was trembling all over and very tempted to give up, but having lost 8 pounds in only 4 days, I knew it was working.

At the time, I had three sets of clothes because of my weight going up and down. There was what I referred to as my fat clothes, regular clothes and thin (dream) clothes. By the fifth day, I was into my regular clothes, but I was weak and felt sick all over. My body was burning off the fat and I kept telling myself that it was only eighteen days.

The first week was the hardest, not knowing if I was going to make it. The fatigue was terrible and I had to avoid as many people as I could because I spaced out all the time. My husband had to take over the register while I slowly stocked shelves.

On the ninth day, my regular clothes were beginning to hang on me, but I wasn’t quite ready for my dream clothes. I had lost almost thirty pounds and had nine more days to go. The enormous weight loss motivated me to keep going. One week to go and I would be able to get into my dream clothes.

Honestly, I don’t know if the fatigue got better or if I had just gotten used to feeling weak and tired but the fatigue didn’t seem to bother me as much that last eight days. I still spaced out and dragged around but it didn’t seem as torturous.

On the fifteenth day, I could get into my dream clothes, but they were still a little snug. I had lost 34 pounds and was tempted to quit at that point and start enjoying the “new me”. But with only three days to go and all the suffering I had gone through, I was determined to lose those 6 pounds that were preventing my dream clothes from fitting me properly.

On the morning of the nineteenth day, I didn’t bother to step on the scales. The diet was over. I made myself a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, sat by myself and savored every drop. With my second cup, I had a small piece of coffee cake, savoring each and every bite.

Later that morning in the shower, as the carbohydrates began to kick in, I ran my hands over myself and it was like touching someone else’ body! I was thin for the first time since I was sixteen years old!

Leaving the shower, I slipped into one of my dream outfits and stood before the mirror with tears on my face. I was a whole new person.

My husband and customers were flabbergasted and just as I had thought of the woman who had told me about the diet, everyone asked me if I had been ill. Because people with serious illnesses often burn off their body fat to fight off the illness, which is why they lose weight so fast.

At first I was careful and ate what I normally ate, but in smaller portions. But as the weeks passed, the portions grew and so did I. Within three years, I was back into my regular clothes. Two years after that, I was back into my fat clothes.

I had adopted the attitude that I would just do the diet again. It was only for 18 days. But I was approaching forty and little did I know that doing something like that was hard enough at thirty-four, and attempting it at forty was going to be a very difficult task. Nevertheless, I was determined to attempt it.

However, on the fourth day, I had to finish the diet at home because I absolutely could not function. On the thirteenth day of the diet, my husband came home and found me on the floor where I had passed out.

I ended the diet right there and never will attempt it again. It wasn’t worth my health. But I had lost over thirty pounds and have managed to keep it off.

It was a tough decision whether or not to post this article. But in doing so, it will give me a chance to warn you about those who will do anything to get your money, even if it costs you your health. Unknown to me at the time, I lost a great deal of muscle which I am suffering for now.

The whole time you were reading this, you might have been thinking of trying it. Fortune hunters who prey upon your desperation will tell you of their success, but seldom do they tell you the downfalls, or risks.

I suffer numerous health problems as a result of those times I tortured my body and if I had never met that woman, I probably would have never done it. Examine the risks and check with your doctor before attempting any kind of diet. Don’t let your desperation cloud your better judgment.