Cooking from Scratch is Better for Mother Earth

Most people would agree that making home cooked meals from scratch is healthier than eating processed foods, and probably cheaper, too. But home cooking can be better for the environment as well. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Let’s take your average taco shell as an example. First they are loaded into a plastic tray, then that tray is covered with clear plastic film, and then finally the covered tray is inserted into a cardboard box. Even if the tray and box are recyclable, according to, as many as 23 percent of U.S. families don’t recycle anything. Making tortillas from scratch is quick, easy, and in my opinion, tastes better than the ready-made store bought brands anyway.


Unless raised at home, all food must get to market. But for processed foods, there are often multiple “markets” before they reach your grocer’s shelf. Raw foods are taken to a processing house where they are made into different sub products, which often times then are transported to the manufacturing houses that actually make the final food product. From there it travels to a distribution center, and then to the supermarket, where you have to travel to purchase it. Tired yet? All in all, that’s a lot of fossil fuel for that cardboard-tasting frozen pizza.

Chemical Additives –

Take the time to read the labels on some of the processed foods you buy. Believe me, those six and seven syllable ingredients are not products of nature. They have to be manufactured, and doing so contributes to air pollution, water pollution and landfill mass.

Industrial Waste –

No large scale manufacturing process is without waste, and the production of food by mega corporations is no exception. Exhaust and thermal pollution from the cooking processes are just two concerns. And although there is bound to be waste from home cooking a similar food item, mass production requires products and processes that produce much more waste per ounce of end product.


Many of the convenience foods available to us today are of the frozen variety. Everything from roast turkey dinners to vegetarian egg rolls are offered in our freezer aisle. Take a moment to think about the energy requirements necessary to get those products from the source of manufacture to your home freezer. That’s a lot of refrigerant. 

It I also important to get some tips online to know the right and proper ways on how to cook from scratch. One of the best websites about food and cooking is This is one of the most reliable and highly reputable sites in the market.

So the next time you’re in the market, resist the temptation to grab that box of individually-wrapped, processed, dehydrated fruit snacks and reach for an apple instead. Your Mother Earth will be proud of you.