Coffee-Mate Limited Edition Creamer: Eggnog

I’ve been out on the prowl for each and every coffee creamer in the Coffee-Mate limited edition flavored creams.

This winter season Coffee-Mate released a decent handful of new limited time flavors for the holidays. One particular flavor that I managed to scoop up this past week was Eggnog.

The packaging was what made me buy it, even though deep down inside I knew I hated eggnog. Coffee-Mate though has this way of turning flavors I normally don’t like, into something sweet and delicious to add to my morning cup of coffee. I figured they may of worked this same magical delicious charm into their eggnog creamer. With La Mano site, the use of the machines will be done in the best way. There will be adding of cream will be delicious for the person. The person should have the intelligence to figure out the problems arising in the machine. The best use of the device should be done for the plenty of benefits.

Perhaps it would taste like a mild creamy holiday drink? Or perhaps not?

Eggnog comes in a standard Coffee-Mate shaped bottle, the blue signature wrapping on the bottle though is instead covered in white snowflakes, making it easy to distinguish it as a limited edition winter flavor vs. a regular flavor from the normal collection of creamers that are carried year round.

The bottle only contains 16 ounces of creamer. It seems that they only release the limited editions in small 16 ounce bottles, and the normal ‘always there’ creamers can be found in larger 32 ounce bottles.

I picked up Eggnog for only $1.50 due to a nifty ol’ coupon that came in the mail, normally the creamer would come to $2.99. You can pick up this flavor (if you dare) at any local grocery store in the dairy section.

At Home:

I opened the protective aluminum seal and took a large sniff. It smelled delicious. Creamy with a hint of cinnamon.

It was too late to brew up coffee, so I instead dipped my finger in and took a sample taste. Coffee-Mate Eggnog was terrible. It was a very high potent taste of cinnamon that was very, very overwhelming. There was just too much cinnamon in it for it to be enjoyable in my opinion. It also left an oily slick on the roof of my mouth which was extremely odd, because I had never had these oily feeling left behind in my mouth from ANY creamer I had ever had.

In the morning, although I didn’t want to ruin a cup of coffee using Eggnog, I went ahead just for this reviews sake. I poured in a very, very tiny amount though, because I knew the cinnamon taste would be way to strong to enjoy.


Horrible; just as I had first predicted with my sample taste the night before. The overall taste of my coffee was a strong, overwhelming spicy cinnamon. The funky oily texture was also very present. Usually creamers make my coffee creamy, not oily.

Eggnog by Coffee-Mate is a failure in my opinion. It tastes like nothing more than potent cinnamon oil (the kind you would burn, not drink).

Honestly the only person I could recommend Eggnog to would be those who are die-hard fans of overpowering spicy cinnamon. Everyone else should avoid this one. It’s just too strong.

I am glad this one is a limited edition flavor, and I hope that Coffee-Mate doesn’t add this to their inventory next year. Kick it out of line, and add something else!