Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

 I have been a pack a day smoker for 8 years. I decided to try the electronic cigarette when I had to move back in with my parents who detest smokers and don’t even know I smoke. I went to the internet and looked up the various kinds and found that the Blu Cigs are the cheapest and they have a very user friendly Web site so you can easily order from the Web site or you can order over the phone if you don’t have the internet. I called to order because I also had a few questions first and the associate that helped me was very nice and answered all my questions. I was a little frustrated with the wait time of ten minutes but I have called a few times since and only had to wait less than a minute.

I ordered the starter kit which comes in both black and white. It comes with a pack to charge your battery on the go, two batteries, two atomizers(which heat the water vapor), 25 cartridges, a charger for your pack, and a charger you can hookup to your computer USB drive. The starter pack cost $59.95 and there is no taxes or shipping. I thought of this as a very good deal.The shipping took a lot longer than the Web site said it would. It was sent out a week after I ordered it and took another 4 days to get to me. The nice thing is that they do notify you when it has been shipped and gives you a tracking number so you can see where it is currently located. And for those of you like myself that hide your smoking it doesn’t say anything on the packaging that would tell what it is.

When I received the package it came in a neat little box and has good instructions. You will need to charge the pack for an hour or two but the electronic cigarette battery only needs charged for about half an hour before the first use. Once charged the battery will last all day and the pack will recharge about 6 batteries so you only need to charge the pack once a week. The cartridges come in 5 different flavors including: menthol, classic tobacco, cherry, vanilla, and Java Jolt. I think they all taste pretty good and they send you 5 of each flavor with the starter pack and then you can either order just the flavors you like or you can get a variety pack like the one that comes in the starter kit. I prefer the cherry and vanilla and my friend that also bought this kit preferred the Java Jolt. The cartridges come in four strengths: full flavor, light, ultra light, and non nicotine. A carton(25 cartridges) cost $25.00 and if your order 4 cartons at a time they are only $20.00 each.

You can also order additional batteries, packs, and atomizers. I have had to order a second battery because I accidentally dropped my cigarette in the bath tub and now it doesn’t charge. They are all priced very well luckily.For the first two weeks I did still smoke a few real cigarettes a day and then I went completely to the electronic cigarettes and have not had a real one for 4 weeks. I have no withdrawal symptoms at all and now I can’t stand the smell of smoke. The checking of the reviews before a person purchase aquavape will deliver effective benefits. There will be no smell from the smoke of e-cigarettes. The drinking of the vape juice will not be injurious for the health of the person. The ingredients information should be available with the person that should be organic and herbal for the body. 

I love my Blu Cigs and will never return to real cigarettes again. They save me tons of money, I no longer smell like an ashtray, they taste good, and non smokers don’t look at me like I’m a horrible person anymore. I suggest these for every smoker out there. You can find out more at