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Apricot Seeds and H202: Natural Cures for Cancer?

There is so much misinformation strolling around the internet these days about a cure for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and so on. There is nothing more disgusting than someone scamming a “cure” to prey on another’s misfortune for money. But what about things out there that are not as well know and have had positive results in people? What about things that our government, along with the FDA has banned from this nation because they can’t patent for it being natural or a food?

Everyone; every shape, size, and color are born with cancer cells. Something happens in our bodies for those cells to grow, or not to grow. There are things that we can do to prevent those cells from forming and multiplying. Chemotherapy and radiation are used to rid the cancer, but if you do not cure the “root”, it will eventually return. You can have breast cancer, have chemo, go into remission, and 10 years later, it is back. This should be telling us something. By the age of 60 or so, it is the acceptance that we or someone we know will have cancer.

Do you know that if you sell something, or freely offer something, and claim it has a “cure”, the FDA can take you at gunpoint, confiscate any and all your belongings, and imprison you? I have heard multiple horror stories of this happening to regular, every day people. There are multiple vitamins, fruits, seeds, and minerals out there that can heal your body, yet they are not well known to the average person. There are reasons for that. I won’t spend my time ranting about why, but I will list two “cures” that people are swearing by and they just might be able to help someone reading this.


Our bodies require a vitamin called B17 in order to not grow cancerous cells. Could you tell me the last time you actually saw an apricot seed? The FDA banned them years ago for rumors and testimonies that people were curing themselves of cancer be eating a certain amount daily. Many claim cyanide poisoning, but the truth is, you can eat to at least 20 seeds at once and be safe. There are many, many cancer survivors out there that swear by this method. The apricot seed contains B17 and laetrile. These help in the fight of killing, or at least minimizing cancerous cells.

INTRAVENOUS H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Our bodies run on a PH system. Just like in school where we used the PH papers, you can test your own PH on these. Most people are acidic, which means cancer cells can grow. That leaves the question, how do we make our bodies alkaline? There are many ways one can do this such as eating a substantial amount of green leafy veggies, a small amount of baking soda a day, and go on a vegan diet. But you can also have hydrogen peroxide intravenously injected through your blood. This oxygenates your body at a phenomenal rate and turns your body alkaline, killing cancer cells by overloading them with oxygen.

Conventional medicine has its time and place, but so do certain things that were put here on this planet with natural healing effects. Pharmaceutical companies need to make money in order to say in business, but lives are more important. Just because something can’t be patented shouldn’t mean that it should be banned. I am not stating the claim that these things work because I have yet to have cancer, but there are many people, happy to be alive, undoubtedly because of apricot seeds and hydrogen peroxide therapy. Proper research should be done through the person to get the tablets h2 water for relieving from the stress. The patients can share the feedback and reviews at the online websites. The tablets should be helpful for the person to get treated in less time and efforts.