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AFK Arena Is Climbing The Global Charts And Turns Out As One Of The Best

With so many Android games available in the play store, often you will get confused about which one you should play. If you love playing RPG games, then you must have already heard about AFK Arena. Haven’t you? AFK Arena has quickly turned out to be one of the most popular and widely downloaded games of the RPG genre, with more than 10 million users. 

The game offers brilliant gameplay features and is fun to play. It is climbing the global charts for the most popular and well-known Android games of recent times. Have a look at some more details about this fantastic game and also don’t forget to check the

What Makes AFK Arena So Popular?

Every game that enters the global charts is popular for many reasons – intuitive gameplay, solid graphics, exciting storyline, etc. It seems the development team of AFK Arena, Lilith Games, has successfully combined all of that in some way or the other into this game. Released only a year back, the game already received more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. The Live Battles, appealing graphics & artwork, smooth UI, and easy to understand the gameplay, has allowed the gamers to enjoy AFK Arena to a great level. 

There are different heroes you can collect and each hero belongs to one of the six categories – Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, Graveborn, Celestials, and Hypogeans. Each of the heroes has their own strengths, powers, and skills. So you can choose the hero you want to use according to your battle strategy and upgrade these heroes in order to make them powerful. You have the ability to form an alliance with other players and lead your armies to battle.

You can also say the ability to team up and play together with other players, makes the game even more popular than other RPGs. Moreover, there are a lot of formations and battle strategies that you can develop in order to defeat the enemies you face. So, you got to take care of several aspects of the game and immerse yourself into a brand new experience.

AFK Arena Tech Compatibility

A lot of the recent games that are released nowadays require significant system support in order to be played seamlessly. The game is playable on a wide range of mobile devices. If you are an Android user, the minimum OS running on your phone should be 4.1 and iOS users must have an iPhone that is running on iOS8 or later versions. Due to the pretty low system requirements that the game needs, it becomes quite easy for players of every device to play the game without any hassles. Having a great specification will surely help you to enhance your experience, but you can still play AFK Arena on a device with minimum specs.

You can download the game right away from the app store on both iOS and Android devices. Let us know which feature you liked the most.