God of War

A Trip to the Dentist is Better Than Playing God of War

When I bought the first God of War game, I was excited to play it because there was finally a game based on Greek mythology receiving rave reviews. Seemed like a must play.

Mythology was one of my favorite subjects in college when I was a freshman at Southern Illinois University. In time, mythology lost my interest. Meaning, I’d rather torture myself with a trip to the dentist than play a second of God of War.

The problems I had with the game swooped in fast and furious: Kratos isn’t an intriguing protagonist, the controller layout is clumsy, the camera view isn’t well designed and the storyline was dull compared to what I had read on magazine websites such as IGN.

Ten-minutes after popping the game into my PS2, I wish I had never thought the character on the main cover, Kratos, looked like an interesting guy I would want to rock some Gods with. In reality, his rage against Ares for tricking Kratos into killing his own family is misused. All great tough-guy characters have methods to their madness while Kratos just runs around with his weapons, mainly the Blades of Choas, decapitating anyone in his site.

This brings me to the plot of the game. After Kratos falls into debt with the God of War Ares, Ares wants to make Kratos the perfect fighting machine. Instead of training methods such as killing his enemies families or the enemies themselves, Ares has Kratos attack Greece and kill his own wife and kids by accident.

Instead of Kratos turning into the warrior Ares wants him to, Kratos turns his back on the god and vows to go after him.

The plot is too out there, crazy, insane, intense and wrongfully executed for me to get into. Sure, a storyline such as this would provoke others to try to kill Ares and become filled with rage.

On the other hand, it made me want to play a game more realistic such as Grand Theft Auto than a game where someone has you kill your own family to turn you into the person he wants you to be. This doesn’t make sense to me.

I know a lot of other people enjoy this game, but I don’t like it at all when I can’t see what I’m doing because of camera angles or have to double up my hands on the controller because of the way the buttons are laid out.

Add the two major issues of Kratos and the plot with poor game play and clumsy control operations and the God of War series is the worst video game series I’ve ever played.

After writing about God of War, I think it’s time to schedule that appointment with the dentist.