4 Simple Secrets To Power Up Wi-Fi Signal

Nothing is more disgusting than a faint Wi-Fi signal in the modern digital age when we need smooth internet for almost everything we do. Just imagine the horror of losing out on internet connection when you have just entered the OTP for an online payment transaction. And what if the internet connection starts acting funny when you are discussing a major deal with your client over a video call? The results could be disastrous. But don’t worry, there are some ways to power up your Wi-Fi signal like a pro. Please read below for more.

Be mindful of right placement

The position and placement of your Wi-Fi router play a significant role in determining its signal strength. For example, you won’t receive a strong connection if the router is placed right on floor. On the other hand, if you can place it above floor level, in some central spot in your room, you can expect better signal strength.

Best places for Wi-Fi router

  • Put it on a clean mantle and place the mantle in central spot in your room
  • Put it on landing of second floor
  • Put it on coffee table that sits at the center of your living space or central hallway

Places where you shouldn’t keep the router

  • In kitchen as most of the culinary appliances emit electromagnetic waves which tend to interfere with broadband signals
  • In windowsill or corners as that will only send the signal outside
  • In basement
  • In close proximity to metal objects
  • In close proximity to bushes and shrubs

Go for Wi-Fi booster

As the name says, Wi-Fi boosters are specifically designed to amp up the speed of Wi-Fi routers. So, if you are facing poor signals lately, it would be smarter to put your money in a quality Wi-Fi booster. There is a wide range of such boosters around. Look for a one that has earned rave reviews for excellent and uninterrupted speed. Your chosen one should also be compatible with your router and easy to install. You can count on Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster here. According to superboostwifi reviews, the booster follows a convenient plug-in installation and is a breeze to operate.

Be careful of antenna direction

Does your Wi-Fi router feature antennas? Well, in that case, change of direction antennas could improve the signal strength to some extent. Right angling of router antennas can improve signal strength big time. You have to keep one of them up so that the signal can travel smoothly through walls. The other antenna should be kept in a horizontal direction that will help the signal to travel freely downward and upward through ceiling across various floors.

Control bandwidth-demanding clients or applications

Try to invest in an advanced Wi-Fi router that supports QoS feature. The QoS feature enables one to prioritize specific applications or clients over others. This way, you will enjoy a superior broadband speed for activities that demand more bandwidth and stronger internet speed.

If all the pointers fail, you might have to switch to another Wi-Fi router.