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How is Facebook Controlling Our Lives?

Facebook is something everybody is familiar with today. We live,eat ,drink ,work and sleep with facebook. People find it an interesting platform to stay connected with friends,play games,share photos and even market their products.

Since September 2006,we all have had time for no other activities but facebook. Most of us remain signed in for the whole day on it or at least log in once to see what your friends and relatives are doing and tell them what you you are up to. Updating status every hour ,expressing our thoughts and see what people are thinking about us sounds so interesting .It is a good way to keep oneself occupied. And why not?It is one of the best available options to stay connected with old friends and relatives. Most of all,we all now easily know what’s going on with the lives of other people. It is so addictive. Can’t think it’s possible to live without facebook today. Is it?

But what impact has it had on our lives. Have we given a thought on how our lives are secretly being controlled by this social networking site? How reluctant are we now today to do any other job but we always manage to find some time to browse onto Facebook. Today we’ve no time to meet people or even call them as facebook has solved this problem. You can send them a message and you’ll get back a reply within a couple of hours . We don’t have to take the trouble to remember anybody’s birthday or anniversary now. Facebook does it for you and then reminds you in advance to wish them.Also if somebody’s sick,he/she will update it on his/her status. That way all of us know about it and come on now ,you don’t have to call and say ‘Get well soon’. Simply comment on the person’s status and say so. So simple!

Facebook has made it easy to connect to people,friends and relatives. Interesting! But what’s behind it?While we take some really interesting quizzes about our likes and dislikes and predict what will happen to us in future,do we realise how easily we allow Facebook to share our information (age group,sex,ethnicity)with others who are interested in that particular piece of information to market their products? How easy it is now to conduct free surveys and launch a product in the market that suits people’s needs through these quizzes.

Our privacy isn’t privacy at all. It is defined and controlled by the facebook people. I can now see wall messages shared between any shared friends and status updates of strangers if my friends comment on them.So many times I’ve personally browsed into the profiles of strangers,opened up their photo albums. Also,I’ve been able to see what they’ve scribbled on other people’s walls and what they have written about other people,their status updates and photo comments. Welcome to the open market! Its absurd to say the least. What if I don’t want to know what my friends are talking about and to whom? I’ve no option to control that except to ignore it but sometimes you can’t force yourself to do it when its all in front of your eyes.Isn’t that ridiculous even for that person who doesn’t wish to share such information with strangers?

We find no time for cooking or looking after the house but for facebook. We are so interested to know what friends and family have been doing. We like poking our noses into the lives of others. No matter how controlled your privacy settings are,the news feed,mini feed,status updates all are visible to other people and we fail to realise its impact on our lives.

Wake up people. Facebook is a major hit among people today but it is a bubble that will burst when people start realising what’s going on behind the scenes. It may take several years but facebook will die.Perhaps another networking site will take its place which provides individuals the power to control their own privacy and not have it governed by secretly by a mastermind. For more information about the things that you need to learn about social networking sites, you can check my site here. This page will educate you about the facts and things you should be aware of when using any social media platforms.

Keys to the Successful Training of a Dog

Why train a dog?

Trained dogs are more easy to handle and therefore most less hassle for the owner, un-trained dogs can also be extremely dangerous for example they could a chat attack the child or just become plain unruly and become a pain in the owner’s neck.

Keys to the successful training

The first key to training a difficult dog is having positive thoughts and being extremely persistent. A large number of people that I’ve dealt with believed that the untrained dog would never be housebroken this instills a negative in the and everyone around them, the dog can also feel that the master is not in control, dogs are pack creatures they need to be shown that you are the leader and not them.

To get down to the basics there are two types of reinforcement in dog training these are positive and negative reinforcement these are both used to train your dog.

Positive reinforcement can be petting the dog or giving the dog treats, the dog must be rewarded straight after he or she has done something positive that is in accordance with the master’s wishes.

Negative reinforcement is the use of harsh behavior towards a dog for example being angry or showing that it’s an action that the dog has done is incorrect.

Sanctioning the dog to a particular part of the garden or allows a dog to be conditioned into thinking that it’s that particular area is the only place where it can do its business, sanctioning the dog to a particular area of the kitchen or house allows dogs to be conditioned into thinking that it’s most of its activity is contained in that room and that it cannot go beyond those rooms.

Leashes can be used to maintain a sense all of control and power over the dog by making the dog he’ll dog will automatically be conditioned into being by your side in every situation a leash is a powerful tool as it allows you to mold your dog’s behavior, allowing you to keep your dog in line constantly.

Your dog needs to be under constant supervision until its completely housetrained this easy you can mold its actions from a standpoint and establish rules that the dog will remember for its entire life as the saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Allowing your dog to be trained by others leads to alienation of your dog when you do this you relinquish your right as an owner, whoever the dog is trained by it will respect. It will show more compassion towards that trainer who has been firm with it and given it some boundaries.

Here Are The 10 Amazing Benefits Of CBD Products For Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets!

CBD products are highly beneficial not only for human beings but also for dogs, cats as well as some other pets too. Tehri is lots of CBD products available in the market through which you can cure common as well as chronicle diseases through it. It acts as a miracle medicine for your pets so that they can get rid of their problem and diseases. In this article, you will be going to read about the 10 amazing benefits of CBD products so that it will cure problems and diseases of your dog, cat, and other pets. Before consuming any CBD product, it is beneficial for you to consult with a professional pet doctor so that you can consume it in an appropriate term. Also, it is important too to provide them with appropriate doses and amounts so they will get better results and also click here now

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, which is an anti-oxidant compound and generally found in the cannabis plant. Somehow, CBD products are associated with marijuana through which lots of diseases can get cured effectively. There are lots of potential health benefits for consuming CBD oil through which your pets can also get rid of chronicle diseases. There are several chronicle diseases and issues which can be cured with the help of consuming CBD products such as oil, powder, drinks, and tablets. It is absolutely safe for your pets, and there are no side effects of consuming CBD oil until unless consuming, it is high doses. The toxicity level of CBD products is very low, through which it contains anti-oxidant properties. 

These CBD products contain a low-level THC concentration, which is found in the cannabis pet supplement. The interaction of CBD products is somehow different from the human body as well as on your pet’s body. There is a substance called endocannabinoid substance present in it through which entire things work. Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read some of the 10 amazing benefits of CBD products for dogs, cats, and other pets so that you will learn all the information regarding it such as:

The 10 amazing benefits of CBD products:

  • Consuming CBD products by your pets acts as a power painkiller through which they will be able to manage the amount of pain. It is beneficial in those situations when your pet is suffering from a higher amount of pain.
  • It is listed that consuming CBD products are anticonvulsant, which means that it has a special ability to control spasms as well as tremors, and it acts as a natural anticonvulsant. 
  • CBD products consumed by your pet in anti-inflammatory, which acts as a compound to treat the entire body. 
  • It is beneficial to consume CBD if your pet is going through depression as well as anxiety. As a reason, CBD products contain anti-oxidant properties, which helps in curing such problems. Not only in pets, but it is also beneficial for dogs, cats as well as other pets. It has some special properties which help to manage all the entire symptoms of anxiety as well as mental health. 
  • It is difficult to detect that your pet is going through anxiety and depression, but there are some other diseases too. It becomes crucial for us to estimate all these things, but with the help of the right CBD product as well as the amount, it will become easy to cure phobia as well as stress shown in your pets. 
  • Consuming CBD products is beneficial as it is an antiemetic that helps in controlling nausea as well as vomiting. It will help in stimulating the overall appetite, and this controls such problems. 
  • If your pet is facing tumor growth, then it is also beneficial to consume CBD products because it will go slower down the tumor growth of your pet, which will become advantageous for their overall health. 

  • Consuming CBD products is also beneficial as it helps in promoting homeostasis, which means that it is chosen by several pet owners so that the overall health of your pet will get improved. Not only this, but it acts as a regular supplement that comes in different forms such as powdered form, tablets, drinks, oil, etc.
  • If your pet is allergic or dealing with heart issues, then it is also beneficial to consume CBD products in an appropriate and right amount.
  • It also helps in curing problems like diabetes as well as headaches, and if you found such issues, then also you can go through CBD products. 

All the 10 benefits of consuming CBD products by your dogs, cats, and other pets have been listed in this article, through which it will become helpful for you to consume these products to your pets for improving their overall health. 

Cooking from Scratch is Better for Mother Earth

Most people would agree that making home cooked meals from scratch is healthier than eating processed foods, and probably cheaper, too. But home cooking can be better for the environment as well. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Let’s take your average taco shell as an example. First they are loaded into a plastic tray, then that tray is covered with clear plastic film, and then finally the covered tray is inserted into a cardboard box. Even if the tray and box are recyclable, according to EnvironmentalLeader.com, as many as 23 percent of U.S. families don’t recycle anything. Making tortillas from scratch is quick, easy, and in my opinion, tastes better than the ready-made store bought brands anyway.


Unless raised at home, all food must get to market. But for processed foods, there are often multiple “markets” before they reach your grocer’s shelf. Raw foods are taken to a processing house where they are made into different sub products, which often times then are transported to the manufacturing houses that actually make the final food product. From there it travels to a distribution center, and then to the supermarket, where you have to travel to purchase it. Tired yet? All in all, that’s a lot of fossil fuel for that cardboard-tasting frozen pizza.

Chemical Additives –

Take the time to read the labels on some of the processed foods you buy. Believe me, those six and seven syllable ingredients are not products of nature. They have to be manufactured, and doing so contributes to air pollution, water pollution and landfill mass.

Industrial Waste –

No large scale manufacturing process is without waste, and the production of food by mega corporations is no exception. Exhaust and thermal pollution from the cooking processes are just two concerns. And although there is bound to be waste from home cooking a similar food item, mass production requires products and processes that produce much more waste per ounce of end product.


Many of the convenience foods available to us today are of the frozen variety. Everything from roast turkey dinners to vegetarian egg rolls are offered in our freezer aisle. Take a moment to think about the energy requirements necessary to get those products from the source of manufacture to your home freezer. That’s a lot of refrigerant. 

It I also important to get some tips online to know the right and proper ways on how to cook from scratch. One of the best websites about food and cooking is This is one of the most reliable and highly reputable sites in the market.

So the next time you’re in the market, resist the temptation to grab that box of individually-wrapped, processed, dehydrated fruit snacks and reach for an apple instead. Your Mother Earth will be proud of you.

Comprehensive Guide On Buying CBD Oil And Other Cannabis Products

Is it your first time buying CBD oil? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some points on buying CBD products that a newcomer will surely find useful. Meanwhile, if you are looking for CBD oil for pets, you can click to read here. Without further ado, let’s start:

Your options in buying CBD oil

You normally have a number of choices on where to acquire CBD oil.

There are dispensaries that offer cannabis based products, which includes CBD oil. If you are buying from a medical dispensary, you will be only allowed to buy if you have a prescription or medical marijuana card. There are also recreational dispensaries,  where you can buy cannabis based products even without prescription or any other requirement. However, such stores only exist in countries or cities in which marijuana based products are legal. Lastly, you can purchase CBD oil and other cannabis based products on the internet, through online stores. Like recreational dispensaries, you can only purchase only if it is legal in your area of residence.

Know the difference between products made from hemp and marijuana

CBD oil can either be produced from hemp or marijuana plants. Even though they are both CBD products, there is a big difference, mainly in the THC levels in the finished products. CBD oil made from marijuana plant will have THC content that is higher than 0.3%. Meanwhile, CBD oil made from hemp plant has less than 0.3% of THC. 

Products with less than 0.3% of THC content has virtually no chance of intoxicating you, which means that they are safe for consumption if you don’t want to get “high.” Meanwhile, if a CBD oil is made up of greater than 0.3% THC, it is regarded as a marijuana merchandise. At the moment, there are no limitations on the amount of THC that a marijuana product can possess. This means that CBD oil made from marijuana will likely possess greater than 0.3% THC, which will intoxicate you if consumed. 

Should you be worried on this, be sure to look for a minimal THC count and do a comparison with other products.

Know the effects of CBD oil before buying

Before purchasing, be sure that you know some of the benefits of CBD based products so that you will know what to expect. CBD can be very expensive depending on the brand, so it is a good idea to know what you should expect. CBD oil can help with reducing stress and improving your mood, since the compounds within the cannabinoids have effects similar to calming hormones that are produced by the human body. 

Another benefit is improving sleep, which comes naturally if your stress levels are reduced. CBD products can also help in alleviating pain, as well as combating anxiety.

Lastly, CBD products are proven by research to improve your skin if applied externally. They can help in controlling acne breakouts, fine lines, and face wrinkles. They also provide nourishment and moisture to the skin.

Cbd Oil- Keep Your Pets Healthy With No Illness

There are certain diseases that are curable and there are those that are incurable and they consist of both normal everyday ones as well as life threatening ones but the corona virus pandemic has put the entire world in jeopardy.

Now people have made the mistake of taking this virus lightly as they relate it akin to a computer virus that has taken over the desktop through which no web site is functioning properly but things are far worse than they appear to be.

Well, as citizens, we have no choice but to wait for a cure or remedy or vaccine as doctors and scientists of different nations are trying to work that one out but for now let us shift our focus to normal ailments and an important remedy for them that deserves a mention.

Remedial Solution

CBD Oil has turned out to be a game changing venture in such a scenario as it can take care of ailments like joint and muscle pain, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism and so many others which is why it is frequently recommended by its users to people that are in dire need of it.

Slowly but surely people are losing faith in the modern day medicines as they find that it is a mixture of fangled chemicals and artificial substances to give it a flavor that patients can easily consume but they do more harm than good and far from treating the disease, they provide numerous side effects in the bargain.

What makes Cannabinoid (CBD) different is that it is taken from natural sources from hilly areas which are the perfect ambience for growing its sources that are cannabis plants and they are quite adept in curing dangerous ailments but only a few extracts are taken from marijuana.

Also, hemp plants also play a huge role in making things normal as it is easy to serve a mixture of both cannabis and hemp to make it a powerful combo that can be used for the oil so that the results are there for all to see.

This is an important remedial solution come to think of it because it is the perfect opportunity for its makers to have discussion with the government so that the use of CBD Oil is legalized.

Pet Pain Management

It is to the credit of CBD oil that it has become reliable for both human and animal use and the proof of its authenticity can be found online through numerous online reviews where people have raved about its miraculous effects.

The Pet Pain Management, a reputed organization designed for the care and welfare of stray animals has recommended CBD oil to be used on dogs as they are particularly responsive to its use at a better level.

The management has declared in no uncertain terms that CBD oil is the best thing to have come out for a long time and if people start using its contents on all the medicines used then there would be no disease that is incurable.

Designer Dogs: Why New and Trendy is Not Always Better

“Designer” dogs seem to be popping up everywhere. All kinds of celebrities can be seen toting around a cute little Malti-Poo or a Puggle in addition to many other cross-breeds that are making their way onto the scene. In previous years these dogs would have simply been passed off as a “mutt” and probably given away to free homes. Instead, backyard breeders are now charging big bucks for these new breeds.

Let’s be honest. All puppies are cute. There is hardly a puppy out there that doesn’t get at least one “ooh” or “ahh” from admiring dog lovers. The read issue with these breeds is not with their looks or cuteness, it has to do with genetically inherited traits and behavioral problems.

Most breeders who breed their puppies for show pay careful attention to bloodlines and inherited health issues. They carefully choose the dogs that they will allow to reproduce in order to preserve a breed’s lineage and health. These breeders would never think to breed their dog with another pure bred dog in order to make a few dollars off of the puppies. In fact, champion breeders generally do not make money off selling puppies after all of the work and vet bills. They do it for the love of their breed like any other hobbyist would spend money on train sets or building model airplanes.

There is nothing wrong with preferring one breed over another but they all are different from each other as chalk and cheese but there is this site titled Pup life or something that you can find online where you can find more about puppies and their health issues in broader detail.

This leaves out the best examples of a particular breed when it comes to creating a designer dog. The dogs that are used as breeding stock are often not the best representation of their breed and have usually not been screened for health defects. This creates twice as many problems in the breeding process since most breeds experience different varieties of genetic defects.

For example, lets say one breed has a history of eye-related problems as well as a propensity toward obesity. The other breed being used has a history digestive problems and stubbornness toward training. The resulting puppies could inherit all of these problems and become much more than their new owner bargained for. These puppies are then often left in shelters or at rescues when their new family can neither afford the vet bills or have the time to spend taking care of them.

There are plenty of places out there with mixed breed dogs and not all of these dogs have problems. There are some who are perfectly healthy, but it is essentially a breeding roulette and the more factors are added into the game, the less chance one has of ending up with a healthy, happy canine.

When searching for a new member of the family, I suggest skipping over whatever is the most popular this week, and moving on toward what best fits your lifestyle. Read a up a little on prospective breeds or take a trip to your local animal shelter, meet, and spend time with some candidates for your household. There are a lot of puppies and adult dogs out there who need good homes and there will be even more who need homes when the designer breeding craze is finally over.

If you want a pure bred dog then be prepared to ask a lot of questions from your breeder. Ask about health screenings and their breeding selection process and don’t be afraid to ask to visit the home where your new family member is coming from. You’re going to have to factor in ten or fifteen years with whomever you are bringing home, so this is the time to learn everything you can about what you want in a companion.

Pet Sitters: How to Curb Poo Eating in Dogs

Coprophagia (poo eating) is an unpleasant habit that dogs can exhibit that can be hard to break. As a pet sitter, you will want to deliver the very best care to dogs in your care and that includes doing your best to curb poo eating incidents.

Discuss Bad Habits During the Meet and Greet

Ideally, you will be well equipped to deal with any situation that comes up with a new pet sitting job and will be all set to go one the first day. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so rosy or as straightforward as all that! Many pet sitters are thrown in at the deep end by clients and are expected to know exactly what to do as they are considered “the experts” in pet care.

However, by digging a little deeper beneath the surface, you can unearth some interesting facts about dogs so that you can be ready for any challenges that come up while the dogs are in your care. During the initial meet and greet make it a point to ask potential clients if their pets have any habits that you should know about. While some clients are reticent on the matter of coprophagia, others do not hesitate to mention the embarrassment of dealing with Fido’s habit. If you know of the problem before you start pet sitting, you will know what to look out for. For additional information about the things that you should pay attention to, you can visit my website. You can find helpful and reliable information here about the effective ways on how to curb poo eating in dogs.

Suggest Medical Intervention

Coprophagia is surprisingly common, especially with nursing mothers, who will instinctively clean up after their puppies by eating all traces of dog waste. But if a fully grown dog has a habit of eating his own waste, or the waste of other dogs, it could be indicative of an underlying medical condition such as parasites. Another possibility is that a dog has not been able to absorb enough nutrients from his dog food or he is undernourished.

Pick It Up!

If you have to constantly keep your eyes on the ground while walking Fido, it can take away the joy of being outside for a leisurely dog walk. In such cases, you must ensure you are prepared to pick up dog waste the moment a dog relieves himself or to steer him away from another dog’s pile of dog waste.

Keeping a coprophagic dog under control by walking him on a lead will help you to control his actions much more easily. Pet sitters should also check common areas where dogs are kept, such as a fenced in back garden and clear up dog waste so that it does not attract the dog’s attention.

Coprophagia can be hard for us to understand, as the very thought of eating faeces is completely repugnant to us as humans. As a pet sitter, dealing with this type of habit can be particularly unpleasant, but the way you handle the situation can help a dog overcome the issue, or at least draw a client’s attention to their dog’s condition.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over

The loss of a cat, whether through illness or an accident, is a difficult situation to deal with for the whole family. Losing a cat will mean that the family griefs in much the same way as they would if a friend or relative had died. As such, it is no trivial matter when a cat is run over and killed. Family members must be careful of what they say to children whose cat has been run over.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: Fluffy Must Have Just Wondered Off

Children are very perceptive and inquisitive, which means they will soon notice if their furry friend is not waiting for them in their usual spot by the front door to greet them when they come home from school. Parents must be very careful about what they say to their child. One thing they must avoid at all costs is lying to their child by implying that the cat has wondered off. Building false hopes will not shield a child from the dreadful reality of the cat’s death. It will only prolong the inevitable and cause a child to lose confidence in their parents once they discover that they have been lied to. As tempting as it may seem to tell a so-called white lie, you must resist this inclination. Lying is not the answer.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: He Didn’t Die Straightaway

If you witnessed the accident and you have the details of how your child’s cat died, that does not mean to say you should disclose all the gory details about how the cat lingered on for two hours in pain. While most children will want to know what happened, that does not give parents free rein to give out all the details. Very young children could end up having nightmares if they are told the full extent of the accident. Instead, just state the bare facts without elaborating too much.

It is difficult for children to understand the gravity of the accident at that age but still you can’t go without saying it so say it in such a way that doesn’t reveal the exact situation and the cat will be alright, which you can learn more about if you see here and go through online articles.

What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Cat Has Been Run Over: We Can Always Get Another Cat

Some parents genuinely believe that offering to obtain another cat for their child will make them feel better about the death of their cat. But it is unlikely that any child would want another cat so soon after the death of their previous cat.

Parents should make sure that they are sensitive to their child’s feelings after the death of their cat and to not lie to them or cause them to feel any additional pain through thoughtless words or actions.

Perfect Pet Tips For Adding a New Dog to Your Family

Adding a dog to your family is a big step. If you don’t currently own a dog, it will change your life. Most of the changes will be for the better; studies have shown that dogs can enrich your life. A dog will make you feel needed and loved, unconditionally. They bring love and laughter into a home. A dog can also get you out of the house and get some exercise. They can open up new interests and hobbies and bring new friends into your life.

A dog is also a big responsibility. They depend on you for food, shelter, physical and mental stimulation, medical care and love for the rest of your life. It is your responsibility to train your dog so it is a good canine citizen in your family and community.

Make sure you have the time and finances required to take on such responsibility. Also, make sure it is a good time in your life to add a dog. If you have a new baby or are having marital problems it may not be a good time. Or if you are busy with a new job, you may be too distracted to give a new addition the atttention they require.

First, you need to decide on a breed, or at least a type of dog. You must take into account your lifestyle and family when making this decision. A good place to start is the American Kennel Club (AKC) website. They have a description for every breed that they register. You will be able to find out a breed’s adult size, how much maintanance the require, and their typical energy level.

If possible, you should visit a few breeders of the breeds you are interested in. Attending dog shows is also a good way to see many different breeds; and you should be able to see good representatives of what the breed should look like. Most people are happy to talk about their dogs. But you should avoid asking questions right before and right after they are in the ring showing the dog.

Many times a local shelter or rescue group is an excellent place to find a new pet. Usually the dogs are already housebroken and are past most of the distuctive puppy habits. They may already have some training and are already neutered or spayed. You can often find purebred dogs in shelters. If there is a mixed breed, the shelter employees are usually very good at determining the main breed or breeds that make up the dog. There is also a lot of satisfaction from helping a dog from a bad situation to move into a loving and safe home environment. At online search engines, there will be availability of various posts for the reading through the person. For the preparation of the pet home, great post to read will deliver effective results for the person. The instructions provided at the post can be followed to get the desired results for the pets. 

Whatever you choose, purebred or mutt; puppy or adult, you will be in for many adventures and laughs.

Please make sure you have your dog spayed or neutered. They do not miss sex or the experience of parenthood.

Dog breeding is a huge undertaking and it is rarely profitable, if done right. And there are many breeders out there who do not do it right.

A good breeder makes sure any animals they breed are as free of any hereditary problems as possible. Some problems don’t show up until later in life, after a dog has already been bred. There are more and more tests available to screen for these problems.

You want to make sure your breeder has done any reasonable testing for diseases common or possible in that particular breed of dog.

Make sure you ask alot of questions, see proof that the hips have been x-rayed if the breeder says this has been done.

Make sure to choose a breeder that has a commitment to this puppy for the rest of its life, and you are on your way to a good relationship.

How to Care for Your Dog After a Dental Cleaning

 February was veterinary dental health month; hopefully you took advantage of the opportunity and had your dog’s teeth cleaned. Proper dental care can significantly improve the quality of life for your dog. I have had many clients remark that their pets acted years younger after veterinary dental care. The reduction in oral pain that dental cleaning, performing extractions, or restorative procedures can bring to your dog is remarkable. It can in fact be life-transforming for many dogs.

Unfortunately, performing dental procedures in dogs requires general anesthesia. Veterinarians do not have the luxury of saying to their patients “just sit back and relax.” Knowing what to expect after your dog undergoes anesthesia for a dental procedure will give you some peace of mind when you bring them home.

Expect your dog to be more tired or sleepy than usual his first night home. Your dog should be confined indoors and kept as quiet as possible. Keeping them indoors will keep them warm and dry, which aids in anesthetic recovery. Running, playing, or rough housing should be avoided as it may cause your dog to fall and injure themselves. You should withhold food until the next day; most patients can have water the evening of the procedure.

If extractions were performed, some bleeding and swelling is normal, but you shouldn’t see more than just a little blood spotting. Any excessive bleeding or swelling should be reported to your veterinarian as soon as possible. Many of the tooth roots communicate with the nasal sinuses so mild bleeding from the nose is also normal. If extractions haven’t healed well, food may be able to make its way into the sinus and out the nose. If you see any food coming out of the nose, schedule an appointment to have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian.

You may receive antibiotics to treat infection or to prevent bacteria from being transferred from the mouth to other areas of the body. Pain medication may have also been prescribed if extractions or restorative procedures were performed. Any medications will need to be administered as directed. To give you more tips and strategies to properly take good care of your dog after a dental cleaning, you can check this out. This will give you more ideas on what to do and what you should not do to you pet.

By the next day your pet should generally be back to normal activity and eating and drinking as usual. Call your veterinarian if your pet will not eat, is vomiting, or is excessively lethargic.

Most of the time pets recover uneventfully from dental procedures. Knowing what to look for however will give you some peace of mind and allow you to relax and focus on making their return home safe and comfortable. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. Their first priority is the health and well being of your pets and they will therefore be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

A Guide to Pans Used for Frying or Grilling

Prepare your bladder for imminent release! You are about to get a quick lesson in house in the astounding number of different pieces of kitchen equipment available for grilling and frying your favorite foods. Take a look at the pans you use for frying or grilling food and likely you will see that they are not in particularly great shape. Great shape they are not in!

Would you use the rough hand soap in the garage to wash your baby’s cute little butt? Maybe if you were Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. Are you are a slack-jawed yokel? Well, are you? I’m asking a question here. No, you are not. Taking that rough garage soap used for cleaning oil from beneath your fingernails would not be something you would use to cleanse your baby’s behind so why on earth are you using a skillet to cook Asian food when a wok was designed specifically for that purpose? Along with the positive reviews, there should be checking of the feedbacks of the products. The customers will check the Air Fryer Reviews before the purchase. It will offer practical information and results to the person. The selection of the brand can be done based on the information through the person.

Why should buy a wok for cooking vegetables, chicken chunks and noodles instead of using your perfectly fine skillet? Because woks are constructed for the purpose of rapid movement on your cooktop. The Chinese wok is also made of material that can withstand very high heat that other cookware may not handle with such perspicacity.

You may already own a heavy iron skillet. The heavy iron skillet is the Lou Gehrig of kitchen cookware (I am of the firm opinion that when you vote to go on strike, you agree to give up any records you are currently chasing, therefore I do not buy into the crapload of an argument that Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played record was eclipsed by Cal Ripken, Jr. The moment Ripken voted to go on strike-a strike I agree with, by the way-his record should have ended. Nuff said.) Lou Gehrig is the iron skillet of baseball; both put in a lifetime of worth. If you don’t already own an iron skillet, you should since it can go from the stovetop to the oven with little to no problems. Where the iron skillet fails is in its slow cooking time. Stay away from this piece of kitchen cookware any time you are planning to fry something that needs to be cooked quickly. Otherwise, prepare for scorched and veritably indigestible sauces.

If you are heavily into sautéing fish, you really should invest in an oval frying pan. The oval shape is much better than a perfectly round shape for things like sautéing and browning. Just make sure to season your oval frying pan with oil and a pinch of salt before laying it upon the stove the first time. Wipe away with a paper towel before you sauté your first fish.

Surely you never make an omelet inside a wok or with your cast iron skillet! Surely this is not something you have done. The omelet is one of the few types of foods that really does make the purchase of a special pan worthwhile. As long as you make omelets often, that is. Look for a flat, highly polished aluminum pan if you want to make an omelet that makes the omelets at the IHOP, Waffle House or Denny’s look like it was made by a flatulent orangutan fresh from a Tea Party rally.

Let’s get back to fish. Personally, I’ve got little use for food that spends its ENTIRE LIFE inside its own toilet, but that’s just me. Cast iron does come in handy for cooking fish, just not sautéing fish. Get yourself what is known as a cast iron fish grill. Take your fish and give it a good Zorro-style slashing on both sides or else your fish will curl up like a pork chop fried by a beginner.

Grooming a Dog Should Begin as a Puppy

Responsibilities of the pet parent of a loving ball of fur include beauty and care of the new canine. That task should begin the day you bring your new puppy home. Whether you adopted from a store, kennel, breeder or friend, your puppy should get its first bathe and brushing before settling into the new surroundings. Be sure the room and bath water are nice and warm. Use gentle puppy shampoo and a warm absorbent towel for the bath. Wash, rinse well and towel dry. Follow-up with a soft tipped brush. Your pup will feel refreshed and smell sparkling clean . . . at least for a day or two.

Oral care should begin just as quickly as a bath. Be gentle and process slowly to get your new pup used to a toothbrush and the toothpaste. Begin with the introductions of the doggy flavored toothpaste by putting it on your finger. Your puppy will learn to like the taste. After a few days, rub the paste on the teeth with your fingers. The last step will be to place the doggy toothpaste on a small toothbrush or finger brush and gently rub on a few teeth at a time. In a couple of weeks your puppy should be used to the brushing process. Give it time as this is an important responsibility for the well-being of your dog from puppyhood through adulthood.

Once your puppy is about three months of age, it is imperative to find a personal professional dog groomer such as myself. I have been grooming dogs nearly 30 years and find that many pet parents are not aware of the importance of bringing a dog in at an early age. Even if a whole grooming is not necessary, these are the formative years for your pet. Grooming shops involve sights and many sounds that can scare an unfamiliar dog. Young dogs learn the process gradually, the shampoo process, intensity and sound of the blow dryers, the rumble, vibration and sounds of the clippers. They understand what is expected of them to cooperate and let their groomer work with them in order to make them look and feel better. Most dogs strut around their homes after a grooming as if to say “look how beautiful (or handsome) I am!” 

Groomers do come with enough training to recognize some minor health issues in your pets. But with several groomers out there, choosing the right one can be very daunting. To help you out, you can visit this link. This will give you more reliable and helpful information. This is also a reliable website the offers quality content. When shampooing a dog, it is easy to detect some skin problems, ear problems and of course dental disorders. While on the grooming table these problems can become more apparent. A dog with bad breath and yellowing teeth signifies the onset of dental disease in your dog. While cleaning the ears, a distinctive odor and/or drainage indicates the presence of an ear infection. Any mass of skin and coat disorders are apparent while blow drying and brushing the dog. There may be evidence of flaky skin, sores, redness, lumps and bumps, irregularly falling clumps of hair and more that a pet parent may not notice unless they examine their dog. Pet parents are alerted of any findings during grooming.

Some problems can be helped during a regular grooming such as giving your dog a good dental brushing and a thorough ear plucking (if necessary) and ear cleaning. Special shampoos can help alleviate some skin disorders though most need veterinary attention. Minor irritations can be remedied with a cortisone cream or spray.

Dogs are not always comfortable while at the grooming shop, especially if they have not been used to the process since puppyhood. Some dogs, however, never get used to the whole ordeal and can show some aggressiveness while at the shop. A lightweight Velcro muzzle along with some treats for good behavior may be all that is necessary to work with a dog that is a little apprehensive about the grooming “nightmare”. Using a calm tone of voice through the whole process helps to gain the dog’s trust. Many times it is just a matter of having a good rapport with the dog and knowing the pet that is being groomed.

Grooming a dog is more than just a hair cut. It is a matter of being a hair stylist, vet tech and dog trainer all in one, caring for the dogs and loving them . . . having a real relationship with them.

4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

If you’re looking to lose weight but don’t have a lot of time to commit to it, that’s okay. You can still lose weight without making a lot of effort towards it. Just by changing a few things in your life. They don’t take up much time, so it might be something that you will do.

1 -Eat often

I know everyone seems to think that if you want to lose weight you have to starve yourself. This is completely wrong. If you’re looking to lose weight you should eat smaller meals more often. Carry around healthy snacks to eat in-between your normal meals. Have cut up fruits and vegetables ready to go. Eating often is a great habit and if you are able to follow it along with proper use of resurge weight loss pills, the chances of achieving desired body figure will increase many folds.

2 -Walk more

If you’re like me you think walking is kind of boring. I know this is how I feel; I would do it more often if I had someone to walk with. Since I don’t, I do extra things so I can still get some walking in. When I go shopping or anywhere else that I need to go, I make sure I park far away from the door. This get some extra walking time in. If you’re able to, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you can’t do a lot of stairs then do a little bit. Let’s say you have to go up 10 flights of stairs. Do 2 or 3 sets of stairs, then jump on the elevator. Next day maybe you can add a set of stairs. Even doing that small amount will help you.

3 -Snacking

When you go grocery shopping you should stock up on fruits and vegetables. A lot of us will do this part, but we won’t go any further. Most fruits and vegetables have to be washed and cut and peeled, so we don’t bother with it. It’s much easier to unwrap a candy bar or grab a bag of chips. So when you get home from shopping peel your fruits and chop your vegetables to make them more portable. This way you will grab them instead of the chips.

4 -Water

I know you have herd so many times that you should drink more water. This is all fine and dandy, but if you love your soda like I do, then it’s hard to do. So train yourself to do something different. I stopped buying myself pop in a can and started buying only 2 liters. I drink my coffee in the morning, and then drink a bottle of water. After that I will allow myself to have small glass of pop. Once that’s gone I have to drink another full bottle of water before I can have anymore pop. This way I am getting in more water then nothing at all. Yes, it’s not perfect and I should still get more water in, but at least it’s something. And soon I hope to train myself to have my coffee in the morning then water and only one small glass of pop during the way. Proper checking of the ways should be done through the person for the reduction of the excessive fat. The nutritional value in the body will be increased with the consumption of the organic substance. The drinking of the water and coffees will provide plenty of benefits on the reduction of excessive fat. Proper training of the intake should be provided to the patients.

The Pirates of Malacca Strait and Singapore

Pirates off of Somalia are getting all the attention these days, but there is another place on the global map where piracy is also rampant and less noted.

Strait of Malacca

The location is the Strait of Malacca, a narrow chokepoint linking the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean where the peninsula of Malaysia (with Singapore at its tip, near the mouth of the Straits) nearly rubs shoulders with the islands of Indonesia, specifically Sumatra.

At the top of the 621-mile-long straits, the gap between land masses is 250 miles. Towards the bottom, the separation is a little more than a mile at Philipps Channel. Attacking unarmed freighters and tankers, high-speed boats manned by pirates lurk among the narrow channels, river mouths, shallow reefs, and countless small islands and islets.

Target: Shipping

An estimated 70,000 ships traverse the straits annually. They link all of the major Asian economies from India to China and all in between, hauling rubber, spices, tin, mahogany, and other cargoes. To bypass the Malacca Strait, Japan-bound oil tankers sailing from MidEast ports would have to add an extra 994 miles to their route. This makes Malacca Strait a natural focus for piracy.

Pirate’s Prey

This is not plafyfully homicidal buccaneer Captain Jack Sparrow slashing with cutlass and popping off a muzzle-loading pistol. These are stone killers armed with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other sophisticated weaponry, prepared perhaps to kill off a ship’s entire crew — or not — but in any case ready to steal everything not nailed down…and if it can be pried loose with a crowbar it’s not considered nailed down…or even seize the ship itself and vanish it like David Copperfield.

There are about 12 to 15 pirate gangs operating in the area, some with links to the Hong Kong triads which can sell off what pirates bring in, others with links to Muslim terrorist cells of Jemaah Islamiyah. The gangs average about 50 members each.

These pirate gangs are some of the most dangerous ones on the planet given their affinity to numerous other terrorist groups aside from Jemaah and it is astonishing that they get new recruits all the time while options like Pilotoasia.com are still open for them.

There are three types of freebooter: the pirates who board the ships and rob crewmembers, there are the better-organized gangs which steal the entire ship and make it disappear, and there are guerrilas who kidnap crewmembers for ransom.


There are fears that eventually terrorists who have cells in Southeast Asia will gradually takeover a pirate gang and use it to undertake an attack using a captured ship. They could bottle the strait with the sinking of a large ship in a narrow channel as the Japanese air armada tried in sinking the USS Nevada as it headed for the mouth of Pearl Harbor during the attack that launched World War II.

That’s if they don’t simply seize a ship with a cargo such as chemicals or liquid natural gas and blow it up with a huge loss of life in Singapore. It is the sort of impact terrorists crave.


Lloyd’s of London, for insurance purposes, has at times designated the Strait as a high-risk war zone.

The problems are many. There’s the thorny relationship between and lax enforcement by Indonesia and Malaysia, the heavy traffic, the close quarters that provide numerous hiding places for pirate ships, and a long-standing tradition of piracy in the strait.

Patrols from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore keep the attacks down. Their armed presence acts as a deterrent and that seems to be a factor in just how much activity there is during a given period. American and British private security agencies have responded by hiring out to provide onboard security, providing naval escort, and even saying they can recapture ships seized by pirates. One of the units, Background Asia, provides about six escorts a month at $100,000 each.

Losing Weight when You Hate Diets

When I was younger, loving these things as much as I do never seemed to be a problem. I was one of those lucky people that could eat anything I wanted and not gain an ounce. Not only did I not gain too much weight, I actually didn’t gain enough, to the point where people used to ask me if I actually ate at all. The truth was that I ate pretty much anything in sight.

Now, fast forward 20 years, 5 children, and 2 marriages, and it’s no longer so easy to keep those pounds off. Now as I grow closer and closer to the age of 40, the pounds pack on pretty easily now, and I have to relearn how to eat. The more extra pounds I carry, the bigger the risk of winding up with the type 2 diabetes that runs on both sides of my family tree. For availing the benefits of resurge pills, a reduction should be in the eating of unhealthy food should be there. The risk to the health will be reduced to increase the quantity of benefits. The charges will be less and suits the budget of the person. A contact should be established with the professionals for the pills. 

I have learned, however, that you do not have to make big sacrifices in order to lose weight. With just a few modifications to your current eating and activity habits, you can start to lose weight and keep it off. It may take a while to get down to the size you want to be, but it can mean the difference between remaining healthy and being unhealthy.

Only eat when you’re hungry. This is the first rule, and while it may seem like a no-brainer, it is surprising how many times we just eat mindlessly without really thinking about whether or not we’re really hungry or not. In the same vein, make sure that when you’re hungry, you actually do eat and don’t starve yourself. That can be just as bad or worse than eating too much.

Check serving sizes on packages, and stick to a single serving at a time. Go back for a second serving only if you’re still hungry. Even then it’s better to have a serving of something else than several servings of the same thing. The variety helps you to feel more full and more satisfied, at least in my experience. Teach your children to do the same thing. Just be aware that if you have teenagers, they’re likely to cry child abuse when you try to restrict their intake of junk food.

Never eat anything straight out of the box or package. That’s a good way to lose track of how much you’re eating, and eat too much. Get out a serving or two, and only eat that much.

Keep a bottle or cup of water near you at all times. Water has 0 calories, and helps you to determine if you’re actually hungry, or just bored. Sip all the water you want out of boredom, just stay away from the sweets.

Eat balanced meals, with vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. This helps you to remain more full, and feel better throughout the day. Fruits can also be a good alternative to sweets, since many of them are sweet as well.

Get up and move. This may mean going out for a walk. It may mean vacuuming your house. It may even mean just turning on some music and dancing with your kids in your living room. Whatever you do, just do something active for at least 20 minutes every day. It doesn’t even have to be the same thing every day. Mix it up.

If after all of this, you are still craving that chocolate ganache covered cake or that cinnamon roll, indulge. Make it a small serving, and enjoy every bite slowly. It’s ok to indulge your cravings once in a while, just not all the time.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight

A woman I met years ago had lost so much weight in only a week’s time that I thought she had been seriously ill. But she said that she had a way of losing weight fast. I was curious and asked how she accomplished it. She said she eliminated carbohydrates from her diet, which is similar to the Atkins diet.

Dropping your carbohydrate intake to almost nothing, forces your body to run on its own fat, burning it off quickly. She said she could drop close to twenty pounds in a week’s time.

Being relatively young and healthy, but a good fifty pounds overweight, failing every attempt at dieting, this sounded like a dream come true. I tried it. I lost fifty pounds in 18 days. But before you attempt anything like this, let me warn you, it’s not for the weak. If a person is weak in health, then the supplements should not be consumed through the person. The information will be available at resurge reviews for effective results for the health of the person. The spending of the amount should be favorable for the health and brain cells of the person. 

It wasn’t easy trying to cut carbohydrates from my diet and you can’t completely eliminate them, but you can greatly reduce them, which is what I did. Two days later, I started feeling weak, but I persisted.

On the third day, I had lost 5 pounds, which actually didn’t impress me as I usually lose the first five pounds quickly on a diet and didn’t experience half as much fatigue and energy loss. But I stuck to it.

The fourth day, I had lost over 8 pounds but I was too weak to get excited. My husband and I owned a small grocery and he covered a lot for me as I was just dragging around like a zombie. I was trembling all over and very tempted to give up, but having lost 8 pounds in only 4 days, I knew it was working.

At the time, I had three sets of clothes because of my weight going up and down. There was what I referred to as my fat clothes, regular clothes and thin (dream) clothes. By the fifth day, I was into my regular clothes, but I was weak and felt sick all over. My body was burning off the fat and I kept telling myself that it was only eighteen days.

The first week was the hardest, not knowing if I was going to make it. The fatigue was terrible and I had to avoid as many people as I could because I spaced out all the time. My husband had to take over the register while I slowly stocked shelves.

On the ninth day, my regular clothes were beginning to hang on me, but I wasn’t quite ready for my dream clothes. I had lost almost thirty pounds and had nine more days to go. The enormous weight loss motivated me to keep going. One week to go and I would be able to get into my dream clothes.

Honestly, I don’t know if the fatigue got better or if I had just gotten used to feeling weak and tired but the fatigue didn’t seem to bother me as much that last eight days. I still spaced out and dragged around but it didn’t seem as torturous.

On the fifteenth day, I could get into my dream clothes, but they were still a little snug. I had lost 34 pounds and was tempted to quit at that point and start enjoying the “new me”. But with only three days to go and all the suffering I had gone through, I was determined to lose those 6 pounds that were preventing my dream clothes from fitting me properly.

On the morning of the nineteenth day, I didn’t bother to step on the scales. The diet was over. I made myself a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, sat by myself and savored every drop. With my second cup, I had a small piece of coffee cake, savoring each and every bite.

Later that morning in the shower, as the carbohydrates began to kick in, I ran my hands over myself and it was like touching someone else’ body! I was thin for the first time since I was sixteen years old!

Leaving the shower, I slipped into one of my dream outfits and stood before the mirror with tears on my face. I was a whole new person.

My husband and customers were flabbergasted and just as I had thought of the woman who had told me about the diet, everyone asked me if I had been ill. Because people with serious illnesses often burn off their body fat to fight off the illness, which is why they lose weight so fast.

At first I was careful and ate what I normally ate, but in smaller portions. But as the weeks passed, the portions grew and so did I. Within three years, I was back into my regular clothes. Two years after that, I was back into my fat clothes.

I had adopted the attitude that I would just do the diet again. It was only for 18 days. But I was approaching forty and little did I know that doing something like that was hard enough at thirty-four, and attempting it at forty was going to be a very difficult task. Nevertheless, I was determined to attempt it.

However, on the fourth day, I had to finish the diet at home because I absolutely could not function. On the thirteenth day of the diet, my husband came home and found me on the floor where I had passed out.

I ended the diet right there and never will attempt it again. It wasn’t worth my health. But I had lost over thirty pounds and have managed to keep it off.

It was a tough decision whether or not to post this article. But in doing so, it will give me a chance to warn you about those who will do anything to get your money, even if it costs you your health. Unknown to me at the time, I lost a great deal of muscle which I am suffering for now.

The whole time you were reading this, you might have been thinking of trying it. Fortune hunters who prey upon your desperation will tell you of their success, but seldom do they tell you the downfalls, or risks.

I suffer numerous health problems as a result of those times I tortured my body and if I had never met that woman, I probably would have never done it. Examine the risks and check with your doctor before attempting any kind of diet. Don’t let your desperation cloud your better judgment.

Make Your Own Gift Or Hat Boxes

Gift boxes, decorative boxes and even hat boxes are very easy to make with little investment. Poster board is the best thing to use for making the boxes and is suitable for most any size or shape of box. The type of poster board normally found is not long enough for large boxes so check craft stores for larger pieces.

Deciding on the shape and size of the box are the first steps to creating it. There are many different shapes that are easy to make, such as a rectangle or circle, then harder ones such as an octagon. Start with something easy and work your way up to the more difficult shapes. Whether it is a gift for adult at keuzehelper.nl, it is important to make the hat box special. Opening a gift is one of the best feelings in the world so make sure to put some effort on it.

It’s important when making the box to make measurements, folds and cuts precisely. A measurement that’s a mere quarter-inch off can prevent the box lid from fitting correctly. Disappearing ink markers make this project easier since you can draw – even scribble out a wrong measurement – and the ink will simply disappear within 24 hours. Find one at a fabric department or store.

When making a rectangular box write the measurements down, for the size you desire, then lay it aside for reference. Start by deciding how tall you want the box. Mark this measurement on the poster board. Now total the measurements from the four sides of the reference drawing together and cut that measurement. You should now have one long piece that’s as wide as the intended height of the box. If you’re making a hat box, for instance, add a couple of inches to the actual height of the hat before cutting the poster board’s width. This keeps the lid from sitting directly on the hat.

A rectangular box will require three folds to the long piece. Check your reference sheet and make the first fold at the exact number you have written down for the width of the box. The next fold should be the length, then fold one more width, which will leave one more length. To get very accurate folds mark the board and fold it on that mark. Use something heavy, like a weight, or something that you can press hard with, such as the spine of a book. Run the object back and forth, over the fold, until well creased.

After you’ve made the folds you’ll need to cut two rectangular pieces, one for the bottom and one for the top. The bottom one should be the exact size of the drawing. Use one width measurement, from your sketch, and one length measurement to cut the bottom box piece. For the top add an eighth of an inch onto each measurement before cutting.

Contact cement, applied with a small paint brush, is great for making boxes. Cement the two ends of the long piece together and use an adjustable hoop or another binder to hold the ends together until dry. Next, apply the glue to one side, all the way around the perimeter, of the fold piece. Set it upon the box bottom and allow to dry. For the top of the box cut one long piece, as you did for the box side, only much more narrow – about three inches wide. This piece should be the combined measurements of all four sides of your sketch, plus a half-inch. Fold the first measurement (plus 1/16th inch), the second fold (plus the 1/16th inch), and so on until you have four sides to the strip of poster board.

Wrap the strip around the edge of the box top to make sure you’ll have a good fit. Make any adjustments now. Affix the two ends of the strip together with contact cement then use the hoop or binder to hold it together until dry. Now put the cement around the perimeter of one side of the strip and lay it onto the upside-down box lid. The strip should be right next to the edge of the box lid, on all four sides. Allow to dry. You can decorate your box much easier if you use fusible webbing after cutting the pieces. Simply fuse cloth to the pieces and proceed with assembly.

Sometimes a package will arrive in the mail or we purchase an item at the store that is made of thick cardboard. If the box has a lid these are perfect gift boxes – even if the is attached. There are so many impressive ways to decorate the boxes that no one will ever know you didn’t buy it – unless you tell them.

One way to make the box look expensive is to use fabric paints (which work great on cardboard) or texture paints to paint the box. Instead of painting them on smoothly use a paintbrush to “tap” the paint on in small globs. Great choices of paint are the metallic paints like copper or platinum. When dry they give the look of hammered copper or other metal. This technique requires extra drying time for the paint. The flap, which is there to tuck the lid into the box, needs to be painted smooth with only a coat or two.

Make the box more unique by adding pictures. Choose cloth that has, for instance, a lighthouse pattern. Cut out one lighthouse and affix it to the box lid with fabric glue or decoupage. Outline it in texture paint then paint the rest of the box. While the paint is still wet attach small craft starfish, a ceramic anchor, or other objects, to the sides and front of the box. Cut-outs from a magazine and thick papers normally used for scrapbooks work well too.

These boxes can also be beaded very easily. There are a couple of different ways to bead the box but some are more challenging than others. The simplest way is to cover the box with glue and “roll” it in tiny beads. Make sure no glue gets on the tucking flap or the lid won’t close. Check to see that the box sits flat, or brush off some of the beads until it does, then allow to dry. It’s sometimes easier to do each corner separately, then the sides, to get the most coverage. You can also eliminate the beads from the bottom and only do the sides and top.

Another way to bead the box is to glue each individual bead, in rows, onto the box and lid. Or, string the beads then glue the strands on the box in any manner you wish. You can do more precise designs with this technique rather than the “rolling” technique.

Some box design ideas include a watch or bracelet box, lined with black velvet, an octagonal box with a Victorian theme, storage boxes for holding photos, a trinket box to give as a gift, or a cigar box for dear old Grandpa.

Get on Page One of Google Without Any Back Links

There is a huge push right now among Internet marketers to sell you software that will automatically get you backlinks to your site through RSS feeds or by doing auto submissions of articles. Don’t fall for it. Automating these tasks will most surely throw a red flag to Google and they will most likely eventually ban your domain from their search listings. Not that I’m against RSS feeds or article marketing, in fact, I use them both, but if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on something to boost your search engine results at least spend it on a good SEO course.

Contrary to what you may have been told it is not that difficult to get on page one of Google through simple search engine optimization. As a matter of fact, over a longer period of time you will get to page one and stay there much longer if you do it through SEO with the help of DynamicsDigital.co.uk than through any tricky backlink maneuver. SEO is not as hard as you think. Will optimizing your site be enough to get you to page one in a very competitive market like “weight loss”? I doubt it, but it’s not hard to get to page one for longer tailed keywords. And I don’t mean 4-5 word phrases that no one ever searches for, but 2-3 word phrases that get search anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 times a month. Doing SEO can get you on page one for them, no problem.

Most people believe that search engine optimization is a complicated project that is constantly changing. This simply isn’t true. The same honest SEO that got your site on page one a year ago will still be working 10 years from now. Proper keyword selection, choosing the right domain name, making your page title keyword rich and relevant to your content, and naming your pages correctly will always work.

Auto generating keyword-heavy content that makes no sense to the reader will not. The engines have become way too sophisticated for that. No, instead of trying actually writing some good content, keeping it focused on your topic, and use tags like the “heading” tag and the right anchor text for internal links in a manner that would make sense to real live human and the search engines will love you. It takes no less time to write good content as it does to try and implement some search engine manipulation plan that isn’t going to work for long. And a site with quality content will stay on top of the listings much longer.

Is there work that needs to be done upfront? Of course. Doing keyword research to find out what search terms people are actually typing into the search engine boxes is a start. Once you’ve determined that it is actually quite easy to get a keyword-rich domain name and build your content around what people are searching for. Remember it doesn’t do you any good to rank high for terms that no one searches with. Keep that in mind next time some guru gives you examples of sites that they have on page one. See if anyone is actually looking with those search phrases.

The rest of the work involved is mainly just writing to inform the reader. Creating valuable content on your site that keeps them there. Search engines pick up durations of visits, so make sure you have a site worth looking at. Creating a site as a source of information with the right keywords and you can be on page one of Google in no time.

3 Top-Notch Misconceptions About Lie Detectors

Catching a liar is not an easy task as the lies are embedded in behavioral differences, and truths between the truth-tellers and liars are quite small. Also, some people are so smooth in telling lies that they know all tricks and tactics to beat the lie detector as well. Lie detectors usually make common mistakes of neglecting intrapersonal variations, overemphasizing nonverbal cues, and being overconfident in their skills of lie-detection. People tend to study human lie detection to learn how to know the signs of a person lying.

Beginners learn how people communicate, and they get shocked that communication of liars is not about words and is about body language. They must learn how to identify the micro-expressions of a liar, which are one’s involuntary facial expressions. No doubt, there are several emotions like disgust, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, happiness, and contempt. If a person’s facial expressions are forced and off, then it is a great sign that they are lying. You can also get a lie detector machine at Lie Detector Test UK prices.

There are many signs indicating a person is lying, but there are many misconceptions about liars. Here in this article, we will debunk some of the common myths or misconceptions, which are:

  1. The eyes are the window.

Most people believe that eyes are the window to deception, but eye gaze is a big misconception about the liars. Many scientists examined people and found out a result that this is a misconception that liar will not look into your eyes. Some studies show that eye contact act as a variable when a person is lying, but most of them show that this is no tell-tale sign.

  1. Twitchiness and nervousness are the keys

Some people think that shifty eyes of squirmy feel are the signs that a person is lying. In most cases, a truth-teller is the one who gets nervous and uncomfortable. Getting nervous is not a sign that one is lying. It is crucial to pay attention to when people deviate from normal behavior if they start doing awkward things that you need to pay close attention to.

  1. The itchy nose theory

The itchy nose reflects a flight or fight response to stress and nothing more than. An example can well explain this theory: in an office, you ask your employees to come immediately to your office. In this situation, their blood will rush to the extreme, which gives energy to their legs and arms to fight or run. If they had done nothing, the blood would rush into their heads, making their nose itchy like mad.

  1. Liars use absolutes

Here, in this case, gathering information becomes difficult. It becomes hard to understand that a person isn’t behaving like normal, and you must pay attention to what comes out of their mouth in stress time. Liars tend to use absolute statements to convince and prove their innocence, while innocent people don’t try hard. They are truth-teller, and they don’t need to work hard to express their feelings or convey their message.

  1. Liars wiggle and jiggle

Some people in their constant motion tend to bite their nails, bounce their foot and flip their hair. For those, it is quite normal, but maybe the other person thinks there is something wrong. It is a big misconception that liars tend to wiggle and jiggle, whereas these are their common behavior. If there is a change in their behavior, then it is not normal, and you must pay attention to what they are saying or thinking.

  1. Liar plunge words

There are some people who speak less or drop fewer words, which are completely normal. But as unusual times, they may use sentences and drop words, which might be quite shocking. Liars drop pronouns as a process or way to distance themselves from other people they are saying. It doesn’t matter whether they speak more or less if there’s a change in their behavior; there might be some issue.

These are some common misconceptions that people have for lairs. We must reinforce our ability to detect trickery and learn about the behavior of others. Also, before taking a lie detector test you must read the truth and myths about it.


Weight Control 101: Pick a Perfect Portion

Weight Control. It is on everyone’s mind. Trying to lose weight, maintain your weight after a successful diet or even being concerned over a friend or family member that is battling the bulge takes a bit of planning to see success.

It is no secret the key to weight control remains portion control!

What exactly is a perfect portion?

It doesn’t take any effort to ‘grab something to eat’ and go…hence the popularity of our drive through windows and the fast food chains that man them. But, even a ‘grab and go’ meal is likely to be more food than a recommended serving size. For the selection of perfect portion of the supplement, there should be a check over the  resurge review. It will offer correct and accurate information regarding the eating habits of the person. The size of the meal should be compatible for the body and health of the person. The charges of the meal should be under the budget of the interested person. 

Start by taking a look at that bottle of pop you are holding. 120 calories per serving…well, not bad but wait – look a bit closer. Number of servings per bottle 3 ???

Suddenly you are holding 360 empty calories in your hand unless you can seriously drink only 1/3 of the bottle!

Many snack food companies are aware that there is a trend to pay attention to portion sizes and are packaging their favorite snack foods in handy 100 calorie size packs.

Some make sense, such as Kellogg’s Special K cereal Bars which I grab for a quick breakfast on the run along with a container of milk.

But many others are still just ’empty’ calories offered in attractive smaller portions. A good alternative if you ‘have to have a snack’ but there are better things out there also already a perfect portion.

Fruit: one piece of fruit such as apple, banana, orange, peach ….grab it and go!

Eggs- again – 1 hard boiled egg tossed in a lunch bag makes a filling protein snack.

Cheese sticks -low fat mozzarella are a good choice for protein and calcium.

Portion control can also be done easily in your own kitchen with the help of an inexpensive food scale. A portion of meat = 3-4 oz. Take that steak or other pack of meat and weigh it then divide into portion, wrap in individual freezer wrap, place all into a larger bag and label. You can now thaw only what you need for a serving per person.

Some recipes are just meant for large batches and actually get better with reheating. Things like soups, stews and chili can all be placed in 1 cup containers and frozen for future use!

Baking a whole turkey, chicken or roast is a smart idea as long as you keep portion control in mind! Serve what is needed per meal by immediately cutting and packaging leftovers in individual portion controlled packs and freeze! On those nights when you don’t feel like cooking, a quick pop into the microwave and you have a quick hot meal in no time at all!

Weight control is much easier to maintain when correct portion control is a matter of habit. Like any other habit, it takes effort, attention and commitment. But that’s what it took to lose any excess weight in the first place right?

Once upon a time servings were ‘normal’. Now most ‘normal size’ servings can easily feed 2-4 or more people! There are countless calorie counters out here easily available that can give you recommended serving sizes for any foods or beverages. A small pocket sized version is easy to carry with you and you can easily find websites offering the information for free. A quick search for ‘calorie counters’ online will give you plenty of options.

Portion Control means taking control of the food and how much of it you consume at each opportunity. Over time you will be able to ‘eye-ball’ the correct amount. Until then use a food scale, calorie guide or even the grab and go packs now becoming so widely available.

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

 I have been a pack a day smoker for 8 years. I decided to try the electronic cigarette when I had to move back in with my parents who detest smokers and don’t even know I smoke. I went to the internet and looked up the various kinds and found that the Blu Cigs are the cheapest and they have a very user friendly Web site so you can easily order from the Web site or you can order over the phone if you don’t have the internet. I called to order because I also had a few questions first and the associate that helped me was very nice and answered all my questions. I was a little frustrated with the wait time of ten minutes but I have called a few times since and only had to wait less than a minute.

I ordered the starter kit which comes in both black and white. It comes with a pack to charge your battery on the go, two batteries, two atomizers(which heat the water vapor), 25 cartridges, a charger for your pack, and a charger you can hookup to your computer USB drive. The starter pack cost $59.95 and there is no taxes or shipping. I thought of this as a very good deal.The shipping took a lot longer than the Web site said it would. It was sent out a week after I ordered it and took another 4 days to get to me. The nice thing is that they do notify you when it has been shipped and gives you a tracking number so you can see where it is currently located. And for those of you like myself that hide your smoking it doesn’t say anything on the packaging that would tell what it is.

When I received the package it came in a neat little box and has good instructions. You will need to charge the pack for an hour or two but the electronic cigarette battery only needs charged for about half an hour before the first use. Once charged the battery will last all day and the pack will recharge about 6 batteries so you only need to charge the pack once a week. The cartridges come in 5 different flavors including: menthol, classic tobacco, cherry, vanilla, and Java Jolt. I think they all taste pretty good and they send you 5 of each flavor with the starter pack and then you can either order just the flavors you like or you can get a variety pack like the one that comes in the starter kit. I prefer the cherry and vanilla and my friend that also bought this kit preferred the Java Jolt. The cartridges come in four strengths: full flavor, light, ultra light, and non nicotine. A carton(25 cartridges) cost $25.00 and if your order 4 cartons at a time they are only $20.00 each.

You can also order additional batteries, packs, and atomizers. I have had to order a second battery because I accidentally dropped my cigarette in the bath tub and now it doesn’t charge. They are all priced very well luckily.For the first two weeks I did still smoke a few real cigarettes a day and then I went completely to the electronic cigarettes and have not had a real one for 4 weeks. I have no withdrawal symptoms at all and now I can’t stand the smell of smoke. The checking of the reviews before a person purchase aquavape will deliver effective benefits. There will be no smell from the smoke of e-cigarettes. The drinking of the vape juice will not be injurious for the health of the person. The ingredients information should be available with the person that should be organic and herbal for the body. 

I love my Blu Cigs and will never return to real cigarettes again. They save me tons of money, I no longer smell like an ashtray, they taste good, and non smokers don’t look at me like I’m a horrible person anymore. I suggest these for every smoker out there. You can find out more at blucigs.com

Coffee-Mate Limited Edition Creamer: Eggnog

I’ve been out on the prowl for each and every coffee creamer in the Coffee-Mate limited edition flavored creams.

This winter season Coffee-Mate released a decent handful of new limited time flavors for the holidays. One particular flavor that I managed to scoop up this past week was Eggnog.

The packaging was what made me buy it, even though deep down inside I knew I hated eggnog. Coffee-Mate though has this way of turning flavors I normally don’t like, into something sweet and delicious to add to my morning cup of coffee. I figured they may of worked this same magical delicious charm into their eggnog creamer. With La Mano site, the use of the machines will be done in the best way. There will be adding of cream will be delicious for the person. The person should have the intelligence to figure out the problems arising in the machine. The best use of the device should be done for the plenty of benefits.

Perhaps it would taste like a mild creamy holiday drink? Or perhaps not?

Eggnog comes in a standard Coffee-Mate shaped bottle, the blue signature wrapping on the bottle though is instead covered in white snowflakes, making it easy to distinguish it as a limited edition winter flavor vs. a regular flavor from the normal collection of creamers that are carried year round.

The bottle only contains 16 ounces of creamer. It seems that they only release the limited editions in small 16 ounce bottles, and the normal ‘always there’ creamers can be found in larger 32 ounce bottles.

I picked up Eggnog for only $1.50 due to a nifty ol’ coupon that came in the mail, normally the creamer would come to $2.99. You can pick up this flavor (if you dare) at any local grocery store in the dairy section.

At Home:

I opened the protective aluminum seal and took a large sniff. It smelled delicious. Creamy with a hint of cinnamon.

It was too late to brew up coffee, so I instead dipped my finger in and took a sample taste. Coffee-Mate Eggnog was terrible. It was a very high potent taste of cinnamon that was very, very overwhelming. There was just too much cinnamon in it for it to be enjoyable in my opinion. It also left an oily slick on the roof of my mouth which was extremely odd, because I had never had these oily feeling left behind in my mouth from ANY creamer I had ever had.

In the morning, although I didn’t want to ruin a cup of coffee using Eggnog, I went ahead just for this reviews sake. I poured in a very, very tiny amount though, because I knew the cinnamon taste would be way to strong to enjoy.


Horrible; just as I had first predicted with my sample taste the night before. The overall taste of my coffee was a strong, overwhelming spicy cinnamon. The funky oily texture was also very present. Usually creamers make my coffee creamy, not oily.

Eggnog by Coffee-Mate is a failure in my opinion. It tastes like nothing more than potent cinnamon oil (the kind you would burn, not drink).

Honestly the only person I could recommend Eggnog to would be those who are die-hard fans of overpowering spicy cinnamon. Everyone else should avoid this one. It’s just too strong.

I am glad this one is a limited edition flavor, and I hope that Coffee-Mate doesn’t add this to their inventory next year. Kick it out of line, and add something else!

The Herbal Path to Weight Loss

There are many reasons for a person to start a new weight loss challenge. While the reasons may be different, the end result is usually a change of habits and a healthier lifestyle. Shedding extra pounds can be beneficial to your health.

Dieting options today are endless with new health programs, exercise routines and supplements being available on the market. For some, dieting pills have proved to be false promises but an herbal supplement has been the way to lose the weight safely and completely natural.

Herbs are any plant that is used for medicinal, health effects as well as for its taste (think cooking). Herbal supplements are an herb or a mixture of herbs that provide specific results. Some supplements can boost your immune system and help you lose weight naturally, all at the same time. They come in different forms, such as pills, powders, syrups or teas.

Losing weight with an herbal supplement is a very popular method because of the subtle effects that are not harmful for your body or forcing it to unsafely shed extra pounds.

With so many herbal supplement choices, you can consider the following options:

  1. Herbal weight loss products

Online searches for herbal weight loss products can produce thousands of results. The herbal weight loss supplement market has been saturated with false claims and products that are not safe. The FDA has not done enough research on some of the herbal supplements, therefore effects and side effects of herbal supplements are sometimes not immediately known to consumers.

Mixing herbal supplements with over-the-counter or prescription medication can be harmful to your health and can lead you away from your weight loss goal. Discuss your medications with a physician, including any herbs and herbal supplements you may be using at the time.

Before you start a new herbal supplement, here are some herbal weight loss products that can be harmful:

– St. John’s Wart is a plan with yellow flowers, whose effective uses date back to ancient Greece. It has long been used to treat depression and even as a sedative. The herb also interacts with some other drugs, affecting the way the body processes or breaks down drugs. The supplement can also increase sensitivity to sunlight, dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety, headaches and fatigue to name a few.

– Senna (Cassia acutifolia) is a natural laxative extract. It is considered to be a powerful supplement that should be taken with serious caution. Senna works by stimulating the colon and can be found in over-the-counter laxatives and weight loss teas. Serious side effects of Senna are nausea, diarrhea and severe cramps. Senna can cause a serious condition called lazy bowel syndrome, in which cases people were unable to produce bowel movements without the supplement.

– Chromium picolinate is found in herbal supplement products. Chromium helps the hormone insulin to function properly and has been studied in diabetes research. Chromium picolinate has been shown to cause oxidative stress and DNA damage. Some of the symptoms can include skin rashes or blisters, urinating less than normal, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, nausea and dizziness.

With the power of online searching you can scrutinize every herbal product and their key ingredients. While they may claim to be safe and natural, these herbal pills may come with unwanted and troubling side effects.

Speaking of herbal measures, green tea is one that has been preferred by health experts for a long time alongwith supplements like leptitox, which has some excellent medicinal herbs that not only soften your insides but increase your metabolism so that the nutrients can be absorbed more quickly.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar popularity is not something new, however its health benefits are remarkable. Some of them are increasing your energy, treating many common ailments, circulatory health, improving cholesterol level and weigh loss.
  1. Immortality Herb is also known as Gymnostemna Pentaphyllum. While it may not keep your alive forever, it will help you live a healthier life. Some of its benefits are regulating cholesterol levels, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, enhances strength and endurance, supports the immune system, and helps with digestion which in turns helps to lose weight.
  1. Caffeine. The coffee you drink every morning is good to help get your day started, but it can also provide a boost in fat burning. By energizing you, caffeine helps keep you active and burn more calories.
  1. Green Tea has long thought to be a way to help fight obesity by burning extra calories. Green tea with caffeine can increase fat burning by 40%, making it a healthy way to reduce fat. A cup of green tea provides fast energy boost that lasts longer than caffeine alone.
  1. Organic Food may be the last on the list but it certainly deserves a lot of praise. Organic foods are more commonly found in every day grocery stores and are a healthier, more nutritious and safer option than conventional foods. Farms that grow organic produce do not use steroids or pesticide on their product, which eliminates harmful ingredients found in conventional and processed foods.

The 5 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders to buy in 2020

 Woodlink Absolute II

Added: One of the annoying things that birds owner hate about squirrels is that they keep on chewing almost everything near them. Whether it is vinyl, wood, plastic and even metal, it seems that they really enjoy chewing all of them. This is the reason why it is very important to consider the durability and quality of materials when looking for the . Woodlink Absolute 2 is certainly one of the best options for you. This birdfeeder is all-steel construction made so squirrels will not be able to scratch or chew the surface of the birdfeeder.

Perky Pet 399 Squirrel Be Gone II

Another reliable bird feeder in the market is the Perky Pt 399 Squirrel Be Gone II. This bird feeder prevents squirrels and other unpleasant birds from getting their beaks and paws on the birdseed inside. Another good thing about this birdfeeder is that it gives you the option to adjust the tension depending on the kind of animals that you don’t want to get access in the feeder. With this birdfeeder, you no longer have to worry even for the peakiest squirrel.

RoamWild Squirrel Proof Wild 

Next on our list is the Roamwild birdfeeder. This one has a unique design (heart shaped) that will certainly catch your attention. It is also considered as a good addition to your backyard. And because of its attractive design, it is certain that a lot of birds will come into your backyard. But this birdfeeder is only not intended for attraction but also for protection. One of the good things about this birdfeeder is that when large animals land of the perch of the birdfeeder, the perch hatch will move automatically downward so the pests and other undesirable birds cant get to the birdseed

Brome Squirrel Solution200

Another reliable birdfeeder is the brome squirrel solution 200. This one has the ability to cater more birds. It is also one of the durable brands in the market because of its sturdy construction. Hence, you no longer have to worry about the danger of the birdfeeder falling down from the combined weight of the birds. And just like any other birdfeeders in our list, Brome Squirrel solution 200 also prevents squirrels and other animals to get into the birdseed. But what makes this brand unique is its automatic mechanical design.

Droll Yankees Yankee

Last but definitely not the least is the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper. This is considered by many as the best squirrel proof bird feeder because of its unique and amazing features. First of all, it has a perch ring that supports the weight of any animals so you wont have to worry about the quality and durability. Secondly, it has a long feeder tube so any weight of squirrels will not be able to make it to the bird seed. Lastly, it has a snug metal cap that any adult squirrel wont be able to lift.

An Ultimate Guidance Regarding Computer Repair Basics For Beginners!

While accessing a computer, one needs to understand the basic repairing tips in case of any internal trouble or virus issue. It is important to go through these things so that you don’t need to call the computer repair services for minor problems. Learn some basic secrets and tips for increasing the speed of your computer, removing viruses, updating, and repairing backup. These are the most basic things and issues one will face while operating a computer. In this article, being a beginner, you will be going to read about the ultimate guidance for repairing a computer. As a reason, if you will go through these tricks, then you will don’t call a computer repair service until unless there is any major issue on your computer. For getting more information regarding the problem on your computer, than you can wisely click here for computer repair.

There are lots of services as well as online platforms through which you can call the service for repairing the computer. Calling a computer repair service is highly beneficial for you as well as for the computer, but you can also learn it by yourself. If you wisely research, then there are hundreds of tutorials through which you can learn the hacks for repairing a computer, or you can click here for computer repair.

Now, I am going to represent the ultimate guidance regarding computer repairing basics for beginners so that it will become beneficial for you to estimate all the things wisely and repair them at home. You don’t need to depend on the computer repair services because it will charge you as well as take time. So it is better for you to go through the basic rules so that you can easily resolve such issues. 

Basic guidance regarding repairing a computer:

  1. If your computer is running slow and freezes, then it is a very basic and minor issue that can be resolved easily. For resolving such issues, you don’t need to call any computer repairing service as the very first thing which you need to consider is detecting the issue. The reason behind the freezing and slow speed of your computer might be generated from any hardware or software issue. Despite of this, it can be caused due to a problem in driver conflict. If you have estimated the issue, then it will be easily resolved. For this, you need to shut down your computer for rest. After that, unplug your computer from switches and hold the power button for at least 30-40 seconds. After doing all these things, you can restart your computer by plugging the switch. 
  2. If you have any problem regarding the overheating computer, then it can also look after. As if you are not using your computer, then it is better for you to shut down and switch off. As it will help you to save the power of your computer and it will not heat. 
  3. If you have a problem regarding the virus, then it can also be resolved. As for this, you can either call a virus repair service, or it is better for you to do it by yourself. For considering these things, you can consult with a professional who is well aware of the technical tricks. It is right for you to install antivirus on your computer so that you can remove the entire virus present on your computer. These are very crucial things one should estimate because it can be easily resolved. One doesn’t always need to call a computer repair service. 
  4. It becomes mandatory for you to call a computer repair service if you have a problem regarding external parts. Using a printer as well as the scanner is considered as a hardware that is not an internal part of the computer. It is used externally, and if you have a problem with the printer, then you can also repair it by yourself. It is important for you to detect the error first and then implement on the problem.
  5. For recruiting backup and data from your computer. You can restore it easily as there are several applications as well as tools through which one can easily restore the entire backup from the computer. In case of any damage, if you have lost your personal data and information, then you can easily regenerate it buy taking the entire backup.
  6. Every electronic device requires maintenance, and you don’t need to always depend on a computer repair service. You can also maintain your computer by using appropriate tools for installing applications and running other things.

By considering all the information which is listed in the above section, it will become beneficial for you to learn the basic terms and follow them in case of any issue. Wisely go through all the information so that you can repair your computer easily and get satisfactory results.

Small Changes for Huge Diet Success and Weight Loss

After losing weight in the past year (50 pounds and counting), I’ve learned that it can be the small steps along the road to weight loss that make all the difference. I’ve struggled with weight issues for more than 20 years, so I don’t consider myself a successful dieter – yet – but do feel more confident than ever before.

Your strongest asset when it comes to weight loss and dieting may well be your own attitude and willpower, according to WebMd, 

Along with harnessing your willpower, you can get control of your hunger and appetite by following the simple steps listed below. These small changes made all the difference when it came to my weight loss:

Get a grip on any defeatist attitudes.

If you take an extra bite – or even an extra piece – of cake or pie, don’t assume you’ve “blown it for the day”. This is a very common way of thinking when on a diet, especially for perfectionists and those who want instant results.

But compare that way of thinking to someone who spends $100 on an impulse purchase or shopping spree and then makes things even worse by charging another $1000 to a credit card. When you look at it that way, does it really make sense to get yourself deeper into diet debt?After all, it takes much less time to burn off that extra 100 calories than it does an additional 500 or 1000 calories – just as it takes a lot less work time to pay off $100 of debt than $1000 of charges.

find something in your life that you can compare to your diet or weight loss plan.

For me, that was our budget. It was much easier to understand how cheating on my diet was similar to wasting money – and that analogy helped me stay on track with my fitness and weight loss plan. To drive home the point, every time I cheated I took $5.00 out of our bank account and gave it away. I didn’t like to see the bank balance go down (we already gave plenty to charity) . I could see the actual consequences of my mistakes in our bank balance, daily.

trick yourself into eating less.

Use smaller plates or cut normal portions in half, especially in restaurants. This is a very simple diet tip but one that can have a huge impact. At home, I use salad plates instead of dinner plates, with a section for salad, main dish and starch. This automatically retrained me to eat less while dieting. In restaurants, I asked for a take home container and put 1/2 of the meal in it immediately. Restaurant portions tend to be too large, a fact you quickly learn once you start paging through diet books.

carry a deck of cards – or just one card from the deck – in your purse or pants pocket.

A normal portion of meat, fish or other protein is usually about 3-4 ounces. To see exactly how large that is, use the card trick. If the portion is larger than a deck of cards or even a single card, it is probably too much for a single serving on your diet. There are exceptions (a hard-boiled egg, for example) but this is a good guideline to follow and will save you from making errors when eating out while on a diet. At first, that card may look very small because, like me, you may be used to eating a lot more than normal amounts of food.

be honest with yourself and consider keeping a food journal. Also, get rid of scented candles that smell like food.

If I smelled sugar cookies in the oven, I’d eat more. Keeping a food journal and writing down my emotions helped me to understand what drove me to overeat. When it came to cookies, I discovered that I had happy memories of baking with my mother. I wanted to hang onto those memories. No harm in that but there was harm in eating a dozen cookies at a stretch. So I started to focus more on the importance of the memories themselves and less on overeating.

Keeping a food journal helped me get in touch with the emotions and put the in perspective. It also motivated me to tape a video of my mother making cookies, one I can watch when my willpower wanes. The video reminds me that a healthy diet can help me hang around long enough to make cookies – and memories -with my own kids (and keep me from eating too many of the cookies). I also had to get rid of any candles that smelled like cookies or candy, the kind with names like chocolate chip or vanilla custard. I realized that when I smelled those scents, I overate!

try the team approach.

A key weight loss and diet trick was finding the right support group. In my case that involved people who were there to take my “emergency” calls when my willpower weakened. I also believe strongly in prayer. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’d suggest you find a way to feel emotionally and spiritually stronger. and to harness your willpower Some people find counselors at church or in the lay community, ones that help them realize why they are sabotaging their diets.

I found a group of people who were supportive, encouraging and willing to give me a pep talk when my resolve weakened. They also shared my religious and spiritual background, a step I considered vitally important.

ditch the diet sabotagers.

In addition, I also take lose weight supplements like leptoconnect to help me with my diet. This is one of the trusted and reputable brands in the market. Not only it will help you to have the nutrients that your body needs but it will also help you get rid of the main root cause of the buildup fats in your body.

Unfortunately, there were a few people who felt uncomfortable as they saw the pounds drop off. They’d try to get me to eat an extra piece of cake or bring over a few brownies on days when I was feeling vulnerable or downhearted. While they may have been trying to be helpful, they weren’t helping my diet! I learned to spend time with them in places where there weren’t a lot of food related activities. We stopped meeting in delis or bistros. With careful planning and some suggestions (going to a movie instead), I managed to outwit the diet sabotagers.

The best part of these diet changes? In time, you can go on automatic pilot and keep your diet in check without even thinking about it anymore. Try them and see if they don’t help you find diet success in the upcoming year – and years- to come.

Getting Through Airport Security Checks with Young Children

When you are planning your family vacation, if your trip includes air travel or you get to travel to different locations like Palma airport to Andratx with young children, it is a good idea to be familiar with the basic security regulations in airports concerning babies and children. Many travelers have found these security checks to be frustrating and unsettling. But, if you take the time to be prepared and allow yourself enough time, maneuvering through security with your child can be a simple process.

All carry-on baggage will be passed through an X-ray machine, including children’s bags, diaper bags, baby carriers, blankets, toys, and umbrella strollers. If your child is old enough to understand, prepare him for the fact that he will have to give up his “blankie” or teddy bear for a few minutes, but that it will be returned to him soon. A brief distraction may get him through these few minutes. Be aware that even toddlers will be asked to remove their shoes. You might want to consider having your child wear slip-on shoes to simplify the process.

Carrying liquids through security is not allowed unless they meet the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)regulations. Liquids and gels must be no more than 3.4 ounces and all liquids that you carry through security must be placed in a quart-sized zip-top plastic bag. So that bottle of water you just purchased for your flight must be disposed of. You are allowed to bring baby formula or juice in somewhat larger quantities but check with the airline ahead of time to prevent any problems. You need to declare such liquids at the checkpoint. You may also bring jars of baby food. You should have only what is needed during your flight in your carry-on bags. The rest should be packed in your checked baggage.

When proceeding through the walk-through metal detector, children who are able will be asked to walk through separately. If two adults are accompanying a small child it’s a good idea for one of them to go through first and then the child followed by the other adult so that there is someone to get the child when he walks through.

After that, you are finished, except for gathering your items and putting shoes back on. Remember, once you are through the security checkpoint, you may purchase bottles of water, juices, or other items that you wish to have on your flight.

Security checks with children can be a trying experience unless you are prepared for them. For further details on what you are allowed to take through security, you can visit the TSA website. Remember that security checks are for your safety. Happy traveling!

Is There Money to Be Made in Blogging?

The talk around the Internet is that you can make some serious money blogging. Is this all hype or can anyone sit down to a blog and make money?

To answer your questions concerning the possibility of making money blogging we first must define what blogging is:

What is Blogging?

The blog is a website that is interactive. Readers of the blog can click on or type in the URL to the blog and read content posted under the blog topics. A blog is interactive because not only can blog visitors read they can also comment about what they have read by posting a comment following each blog entry.

How Does Someone Make Money Blogging?

Money is made blogging when the blog owner has posted 100 or more entries and develops traffic to the blog. Once these minimum requirements are met it then becomes lucrative for that blog owner to sell affiliate products or other services or to use adsense ads in order to be paid. The interest the blog receives from those searching for information on-line is what generates the revenue from these ads. The ads of course will generate more traffic, which in turn will bring higher advertising rates when someone clicks on the ad. This process creates many blog “jobs” which can then bring more income opportunities from blogging.

Blogging Jobs?

Blogging jobs stem from the need to have continuous fresh content on the blog. The content comes from many sources including freelance writers and those hired to specifically write for a particular blog because of their background or experience even if they are not currently considered to be a “writer”. So the blogging jobs could consist of being someone who makes money creating blogs, writing for blogs, or someone who is an affiliate for those who have products and uses a blog to advertise affiliate products and or services. These jobs can bring in money because of the fact that search engines are currently placing higher rankings for those blogs that can generate consistent original content. The operative word is ORIGINAL. Rehashed PLR content or blatantly using someone else’s content will not be looked upon favorably by the search engines and greatly reduce your chance of making money from blogging.

Blogging Scammers and other Disreputable Individuals

This great need for original content has created an atmosphere of desperation for those who wish to generate money without putting out the effort themselves. Disreputable individuals will hire writers to generate original blog postings for them for a rate of less than one cent per word. This poor rate makes it almost impossible for a writer to survive by blogging alone. The rate works out to about $2 to $3 USD an hour and that is if the writer happens to be able to write at a fast pace. Any writer accepting such an offer will soon realize that the effort and time required is just not worth the meager compensation. The blog owner makes money with ad revenues generated by the content but the writer will not be adequately or fairly rewarded at such low per word rate. Writers should be wary of such low rate offers and turn the experience into a solution. Writers who take the time to learn how to design and establish a blog or have someone do it for them can then use their writing talents to generate money writing on their own blogs.

Blogging scammers are pretty much like any other scammer on the Internet. Scammers promise riches to those who create blog content or for posting on a blog when in fact the only money to be made is not by mere writing and posting but if and only if someone buys a product or service being promoted on the blog. The scammer misrepresents how the money is to be made. They promise money for writing and posting on the blog when in fact the individual is only compensated when the blog posting generates revenue for the blog owner. To avoid such scams make sure the offer is in writing and clearly states when the money will be paid and what tasks must be performed in order to be paid.

Revenue Sharing

Passive income can be made when blog owners offer to share the ad revenue with bloggers. Over time it is possible to generate income from blogging for a percentage of ad revenues but again, it is generally very low pay up front and perhaps up to a year before any real money is made from the revenue split. That is if the blog is still live on-line a year later.

Are There Legit Blogging Jobs?

An honest blogging job offer looks more like this:

The rate offered is more in line with $5 to $20 per post or a flat rate is offered for X number of posts.

Serious companies who understand the advertising power of a blog will look for and recruit those who know how to create and post blog entries.

Always read any blogging job offer or contract carefully before signing or agreeing to the offer.

If you compute that the offer works out to less than the minimum state wage than it is not a good money making opportunity.

Is there money to be made in blogging? The answer is yes, but you have to shift through a lot of scammers and disreputable individuals out to cheat you, before you find the real blogging pearls. Just like the offline job market; when looking for the right blogging opportunity you first must know the market, understand what blogging is all about, and what the job is worth to you in terms of monetary compensation and effort.

There are many ways through which you can earn money and blogging is just one such step to hone your writing skills with the help of a new platform given the current times that you can learn more about through https://fkc-concept.com/evergreen-wealth-formula-review/.

Sewing Machine Review: Pfaff 130

If you are looking for a classic sewing machine that can give you superior work, superb quality and the best creative designs to choose from, then you might as well get a Pfaff 130 for yourself for you to use at home. The Pfaff is not a new machine; it is in fact one of the oldest sewing machines that have been around for a couple of years now. This is one of those few machines that is still widely used at present and loved by masses. This is the first sewing machine buffs made both for home and semi-industrial use on 1950’s.

The semi-industrial feel of the Pfaff 130 makes it great for consumers to make a small business at home that involves stitching garments and other textiles that you prefer. It has a low-shank foot that you can easily replace in case you want to have the option of having a low to high and vice versa feel and comfort of your stitching job. You get to choose from several stitching pattern such as zigzag stitch, straight stitch or reverse stitch to use on your projects. It also includes a rotary bobbin that helps you level out and smoothen the surface stitch of your garment. With different patterns available at http://sewingmachine.com link, the patterns will be comfortable for the person. Different options will be made available for the customers to get the desired results. The selection should be done with the tips and tricks available with the person. 

Here is a list of the advantages of the Pfaff130:

  1. It is very durable and sturdy that it will last you a couple of years before you notice anything damages to the machine. This is the type of sewing machine that they usually give to their daughters and granddaughters as a family heirloom that you pass down from one generation to the other.
  1. If you plan to do a little business with this machine and it is no longer of use to you, you can actually sell this at a higher price than what you have paid for it years back when you bought it since this will be considered a part of the great collection of old sewing machines.
  1. The needles used in this type of sewing machine are very durable and are thicker compared to the needles being produced at present. Even if you plan to sew denim or leather materials, it will not break at all.
  1. It is convertible into a treadle. It is not just a plain sewing machine. If you plan to use it for heavy duty works, you can even modify the parts of this machine to suit your needs.
  1. Instruction manuals are easy to understand and follow. All you have to do is read it and you can go on using the machine afterwards. No need to overanalyze how the machine works, thanks to the manual that comes with it.

Here is a list of the disadvantages of the Pfaff 130:

  1. Since it is an old type of sewing machine, it is not too known at present. It may be hard to find spare parts in case you need them.
  1. This is not an electronic machine so all things that you need to do are done the old ways, meaning manual labor.
  1. This is a heavy-duty machine. You cannot expect to bring it anywhere you want to. Portability is out of the question.

Safe New Year’s Eve Events for Families in Davao City Philippines

I am proud to say that I was born and grew up in one cleanest, smartest, and most disciplined city in the Philippines – Davao City. I’m proud of my heritage, of my people, and my city’s leader which/who makes living in the city worthwhile.

I must admit, every New Year’s eve, the television is blazing with news all around the country about my fellowmen having their entire hands cut or some parts of their body operated due to firecrackers “accident” and “stupidity”. I know these der beste Shop für Böller have become a part of the New Year’s celebration tradition (a destructive one) of Filipinos but I’m so happy and relieved that the headlines have always been the same for some years now: No firecracker injuries in the country’s biggest city. Isn’t that amazing?

We’re getting nearer and nearer to another year-ender and year-beginner. I’m excited to celebrate another fun-filled yet danger-free New Year’s Eve with my family – no firecracker blasts, no gruesome bloody scenes of mutilated fingers, no crying family members, and relatives in hospitals.

Other Filipinos from other cities commented that we Dabawenyos have the most boring New Year’s Eve celebration ever. Really now? If they celebrate with us, they will know they’re wrong. We in Davao City embraced the no-firecracker policy wholeheartedly and found some fun-filled ways to have a good time in New Year’s Eve such as the following:

[1] Fireworks display and showbiz personalities entertainment @ the People’s Park,

[2] Fun rides and amusement for children @ the Rizal Park, Mary’s Rides and Carnival, among others,

[3] Live bands in pubs, clubs and open spaces like The Venue, Matina Town Square and more!,

[4] Videoke fun in establishments like K1 and even at home

[5] Fun charades and parlor games at home and even in great locations like beaches, and

[6] Noise-barrage all over the city at the struck of 11:45 PM (15 minutes to New Year).

I am quite sure there are still many happenings and activities in the city that I fail to mention in this article and I am certain those events are safe and fun to participate too. Out of the 6 aforementioned activities though, my family and I have been practicing activities 4, 5, and 6. We love to sing (belt out, yes) at home and we even make a healthy competition out of it just to give out prizes and surprises. My sisters and I also prepare a long list of games that all members of the family can join. Of course, prices in cash and kind are given to participants — winners or not. And yes, the noise barrage, that we never miss! It can get really noisy and the festive atmosphere compels everybody to pick anything and make noise out of it — like Papa can do his car beeps, children can blow their “torotots” (paper horn), Mama can tap the pots and pans and everybody can shout with glee and excitement! Oh boy! It’s really fun! And more than that, it’s a very safe substitute to firecrackers.

Maybe you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the smartest city in the Philippines, come and join us! Advance Happy danger-free New Year to all!

How to Get a Spin on Your Bowling Ball

Watching the spin and rotation of a bowling ball as it heads down the lane is sometimes quite mesmerizing. But, when the pins crash and scatter as the ball blasts through the strike pocket the awakening is immediate.

Sometimes according to lane conditions it’s much easier to watch this rotation of the ball than it is to actually make it happen on the lane. Several factors such as: timing, speed, technique, and follow through, are the main dynamics of controlling the hook and spins of a bowling ball.

Of course without the correct ball to actually “grab” the surface of the lane all of these factors fly out the proverbial window. Wet or oily lane conditions require a ball which can grip beneath the oil on the lane to track the spin of the ball into the strike pocket.

With the availability of bowling balls today this decision is relatively easy to make. For good gripping power on most wet lane conditions the reactive resin ball works very well. The particle ball has even more power to drive harder into the pocket which drastically increases strike potential on all lane conditions. Also available on the market is the new epoxy bowling ball. Either of these balls will work fine according to the type of spin or hook you prefer in bowling.

The logistics of the swing

Now that you’ve acquired the equipment needed the only thing left to do is go through the physics of a good swing and release to put your ball on the track to the strike zone sixty feet ahead.

A conventional grip on the ball will most likely provide enough spin on the ball, but I highly recommend using either a semi-finger tip grip, or full fingertip. Both of these grips provide more lift and control on the ball when it’s released.

As you stand on the approach lane cock your wrist so that your fingers are at the bottom of the ball as it sits on top of your hand. Look at your arrow or mark on the lane as you start your approach towards the foul line. Remember to get a good back swing as you’re into your approach as the ball is brought down below your waist.

Look back to your release area of the ball as you approach the foul line. As you release the ball out into the lane bring your hand straight up turning the wrist as you release the ball with your hand towards the top of the ball. Follow straight through on your release; with your hand in a straight line toward the release of the ball as you bring your arm straight up towards the side of your head.

The follow through

Keep your release arm straight, don’t try to curve the ball with your release, this will only make the ball go in the direction of your release. Remember to get your ball “out” on the mark of the lane; this will set the ball on its track on the lane. Keep the speed of your ball constant; don’t try to overpower the ball.

If you’ve used the hand and wrist correctly and followed through with your release, then the ball is well on its way towards a beautiful spin and hook towards the pocket. As a lefthander my ball is put out just past the first mark on the lane as it starts to spin and catches the track of rotation. When the ball passes the ¾ mark on the lane the ball is beginning to hook into the 1-2 pocket and the pins begin to scatter.

If you hit the pocket too tight you can be left with the solid 7 or 10 pin; or even worse the dreaded 7-10 pin split. The correct speed of the ball and the angle when it hits the pocket determines the pin action on the lane.

Different types of hook

The exact angle of hook is one for each bowler to figure out on the lane for themselves. Each ball and release will begin to spin and track different than other balls; some of this is due to lane conditions and speed. Adjusting the speed of your ball also plays a factor when the ball starts to grab and hook on the lane.

By changing which mark you release the ball on or by adjusting where you stand on the approach lane will also change the angle of trajectory towards the strike pocket. If your ball hooks too much there are several options for solving this matter.

One solution is to get the ball farther out on the lane. This will put the hooking ball farther out on lane and the hook will hopefully come in at the correct time towards the pocket. Work with different speeds of the ball to either speed up the hook, or slow it down if needed.

If this still doesn’t work then try bowling a little cross alley on the lane. Move two feet towards the center of the lane and shoot for the same mark again. This angle of release will counteract the spin of the ball.


Practice, practice, and more practice is the only thing which will help you to understand not only your ball better, but also the release of it. Fingertip inserts also helps to give the bowler an even better grip on the ball along with more control.

Each lane which you bowl on provides a whole new plan of attack for the ever popular strike pocket. Once you’ve found the groove which works for you watch the way the ball is tracking and use this ability towards picking up the much needed spares of the game.

Every bowler’s style and release is just as different as their own individual personalities. In time you’ll begin to feel as comfortable in your approach and release of the ball as you do when you crawl into bed on a cold winter’s night.

If you want to know more about bowling balls, all it takes is a simple online research where you can get all the information about bowling as a sport and of the players that have established their credentials in the field because learning a spin is no rocket science but only takes a little time to perfectly master.

Boiler- Vessel for Maintenance Made Easy for Better Purposes

Whenever there is some interesting topic for discussion, most of us are typically excited but apprehensive at the same time as we have no idea what to expect in the context.

This isn’t just among normal people but even the experts that don’t just shut up and continue doing their research to unearth some new information that don’t really help matters as it only makes them more complicated.

However, the thing that we are going to talk about isn’t rocket science but a simply object that you use each day which the women folk would have knowledge about because they are the ones in charge of the kitchen.

Basic Study

The reason why the women will have more knowledge about it is because they use it in the kitchen everyday and it is called boiler, a vessel where you store liquid fluid generally for heating.

Why it is called a boiler instead of anything else is a mystery as people don’t really know what is going on in the minds of its makers so suffice it to say that it is used for heating applications and through different process materials.

Just because it is named boiler doesn’t meant that it would boil anything that you heat inside it but simply that the heat is vaporized inside for a certain amount of time and then evaporates away from the boiler.

A boiler is what you look for if you are working in a factory with traditional heating systems that are used for studying the concept of heat and combustible materials that you use in factories for different purposes.

It is also called steam generator as it generates steam for studying the process of condensation and precipitation by using up heat for water, an interesting combination of liquid and gas.

It can be surmised that the older generation steam generators were called boilers that were utilized for low pressure but in this case where the pressure is much more than expected then it is termed as steam generator for understanding purposes.


Given the amount of pressure that the poor machine goes through, it is only but natural that it would wear out at a quicker pace if it is subjected to regular heating procedure.

So it would require repairing or maintenance every now and then so that work is carried out smoothly and there are no financial losses to anyone, which can be done through the following method:

  • Keep cleaning your boiler at the end of every week and take it for servicing at the last day of the month to be on the safer side just as you do with your car.
  • Boilers will lose pressure with the passage of time so keep checking it from time to time to monitor its reading

Make it a point to start up the heating system once the winter season arrives to check on cracks or rust as generally happens and before things get worse, call up the best boiler repair in town to get it cleaned or changed

Cannabinoid Oil- Perfect Remedy for Cancer Hazard

When it comes to accomplishments, the world has achieved great strides right from times of yore to the modern day 21st century due to the brilliant and innovative minds that have put in every ounce of blood and sweat they possess to make their dreams come true.

It is to the credit of such people that we citizens are living a peaceful life even though things have taken a drastic turn ever since the corona virus pandemic broke out earlier this year but this grave situation is being converted into an opportunity for discovering a vaccine so as to eradicate this virus from the face of the earth.

Nevertheless, things were no better even before people had heard about Corona virus or Covid-19 as people were anyhow grappling with both life threatening and normal ailments right from the start.


Here it is important to mention that it is important to keep your health in check right from childhood as it can be seen that even young children are susceptible to illnesses due to various pollutants in the atmosphere.

CBD oil has emerged as a god gifted boon to this problem as it is known to tackle such problems where people have lost all hopes and given up on their body succumbing to health hazards.

Cannabinoid is the full form of CBD and it is taken from extracts of cannabis plants that can be found only in hilly areas with a tropical climate where the weather is cool and pleasant which is the perfect place to grow such plants as they contain many medicinal properties that can mitigate many health issues.

Now people might ask what is so special in CBD that it is so popular and reliable when we already have medicines prescribed by world renowned doctors that can atleast suppress if not cure illnesses.

Well, the answer to this is that CBD is taken from original source which is why they are pure and organic in nature that have the stamp of authenticity to its name that modern day medicines can never achieve because they are full of harmful chemicals and artificial substances that do more harm than good.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The popular CBD Fable is that it cannot be trusted upon due to the drug content in it but that is purely due to ignorance of the fact that drugs have medicinal properties and natural herbs in them that have proven to be life changing for cancer victims.

Now before you jump to conclusions, it should be made clear that CBD Oil isn’t a cure for cancer and nor does it mitigate the problem even though researches are being conducted at regular intervals.

Although the results are mixed, they are still positive that it would prove to be a boon beyond imagination for cancer is a disease that acts like a termite on the body by weakening body organs and skin tissues and slowly eats the living cells until life is snuffed out.

We can say that though there isn’t any good news on this matter, it isn’t bad either as there are high hopes that cancer will be history like smallpox and bubonic plague.

Light Blue Perfume by Dolce&Gabbana; Refreshing Body Cream for Women

Dolce  amp; Gabbana Light Blue has been my favorite scent for nearly 2 months now. I first got my hands on this scent when my sister handed over her bottle saying she didn’t like it. It smelled like a hamster tank.

I however loved the scent. I loved the natural cedar and citrus combined. Not only that I loved how long the perfume lasted. A squirt of Light Blue on clothing and you can expect to smell it lingering for nearly 2 days.

After getting the perfume, I ended up seeking out sister products to get even more long lasting scent. I took my business online and purchased nearly everything Dolce Light Blue I could find.

There was a time when I was crazy over Eclatant and had dozens of bottles in my house that I could have easily opened up a perfume shop but Dolce Light blue was something else as it surpassed even my expectations.

The Body Gel was one of the first products I had purchased, and reviewed. I’ve been sitting on the Body Cream for awhile, and it’s not because I don’t like it. I just got lazy.

Anyhow, the Body Gel was very runny, but did leave behind the famous Light Blue scent I knew and loved. The Body Cream is a much thicker in texture, and reminds me of a mix between body butter and lotion. Not too thick, but not to thin either.

The Dolce  amp; Gabbana Light Blue Refreshing Body Cream comes in the standard Dolce Light Blue tube. It’s stand up, with a click up cap. The name of the scent is etched on to the tube in pretty silver cursive writing.

The Body Gel comes in a more antique yellow colored tube, while the Cream comes in a clear tube with white cream inside.

My Use:

I squeezed a good quarter sized amount of the cream into my hand and began applying to every nook and cranny on my body.

The cream glides easily, and absorbs relatively fast. It did not leave any thick residue behind, nor was it greasy. Best of all though it left behind a nice layer of the Light Blue scent.

The Cream does not do much when it comes to moisturizing skin, but it does make your skin feel soft for a short amount of time.


I love it. Those looking for a miracle cure for dry skin may not be satisfied, but truly when you smell this stuff you’re hooked.


For longer lasting scent, apply a few squirts of Dolce  amp; Gabbana Light Blue perfume on top of the cream.

Pricing and Availability:

You can pick up a 6.7 ounce tube of Light Blue Body Cream online for around $45.00, or go directly to any Macy’s, and odds are they will carry it for the same price. Be wary with ebay when it comes to Light Blue, I know of a few sellers who have been accused of selling fakes for ‘real’ prices.